Chosen of Tiamat

Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the things that take our breath away.
Tiamat’s Blood: (EX) The chosen of Tiamat can call upon her goddess and energize her dragon blood. Filled with energy and strength beyond one of her kind; she transforms into a true dragon for a number of turns equal to her charisma modifier per month. The dragon age (CR) is equal to the total levels of the character (not counting this template modifier). All feats, spells or class related skills are lost during the transformation. Equipment and items carried meld with the form and cannot be used. 

When hit with a slashing or piercing weapon the spray of energized blood acts as a 1d6 splash of acid in the 5 foot space adjacent to the chosen from the direction the attack originated. Reflex save (DC 15) for half damage.

The great hatching: (EX) As chromatic dragons grow older and more paranoid they tend to be more reclusive and less likely to mate. Sent to counter this trend and increase the numbers of evil dragons, the chosen’s mere presence begins to awaken the mating urge in any dragon within one mile per age category. Not wanting to lose any amorous males to rudely awaken she dragons the chosen usually visits the territory of reluctant females who have not laid a clutch of eggs within the last three to four years. Clutches conceived during this time tend to be larger and more robust then average and the DC for hatching is reduced by five. 

Alternate form: (SU) Tiamat’s chosen may take the shape of any medium size or smaller animal or humanoid as a standard action three times per day.

Improved breath weapon: Increase range by 25%, damage to d10s, the chosen gains additional daily uses of her breath weapon attacks equal to her charisma modifier. 

Speed: +20 speed increase to flight and any other applicable modes of travel. Flight maneuverability increases by two steps.

Immunities (Ex): He or she is also immune to aging, does not age, and is effectively immortal.

Immune to Mind Affecting Abilities

Gains Scent 60’

Bite and claw attacks increase one damage size factor OR are considered Anarchic and Unholy (the second option depends on the power level of the campaign and would have to be approved by the GM)

CR/LA +4

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