The Chromatic Dragon, Creator of Evil Dragonkind

Lesser Deity

Formerly of Untheric Pantheon, she joined the
Faerûnian Pantheon during Time of Troubles

Draconic Pantheon

Symbol: Five-headed dragon

Home Plane: Baator

Alignment: Lawful evil

Portfolio: Evil dragons, conquest, greed

Worshipers: Evil dragons, conquerors

Cleric Alignments: NE, LE

Domains: Destruction, Dragon, Evil, Greed, Law, Trickery [Hatred, Scalykind, Tyranny]

Favored Weapon: Heavy pick (bite)

Favoured Classes: Evil Clerics

Favoured Races: Chromatic Dragons, Chromatic Half-Dragons, Baatezu (Devils)

Heralds and Allies: Tiamat’s herald is an old red dragon. Her allies include evil dragons, baatezu, and evil draconic creatures of all sorts.


She concerns herself with spreading evil, defeating good, and propagating evil dragons. She enjoys razing the occasional village, city, or country, but only as a diversion from her subtle, world-spanning plots. She is the villain who lurks in the shadows. Her presence is felt but seldom seen. She constantly seeks to extend the power and dominion of evil dragons over the land, particularly when her subjects find themselves embroiled in territorial disputes with good dragons.

Tiamat also unfailingly demands reverence, homage, and tribute from her subjects. Like Bahamut, Tiamat has few clerics and even fewer temples. She accepts only evil clerics. Tiamat’s clerics, like Tiamat herself, seek to place the world under the domination of evil dragons. Though most evil dragons honor Tiamat, few keep shrines dedicated to her in their lairs because they don’t want Tiamat’s greedy eyes gazing at their treasure hoards. Instead, they dedicate vast, gloomy caverns to their deity and keep them stocked with treasure and sacrifices.

Minor Temples:

No Major Temples of Tiamat in M’Kal

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