Chosen of Beshaba

Chosen of Beshaba

Sometime, the Maiden of Misfortune choose some people to spread bad luck amongst the Realms. At any time, it can’t be more than 6 Chosens of Beshaba, cause the number 7 is considered a lucky one. In fact, this is very rare to have more than 5 chosens. When Beshaba create a Sixth Chosen, his or her mission is to track down any other chosen and kill him to take his place. This is the only bad luck Beshaba can send against one of Her Chosen. Except for this one, the duty of a Chosen of Beshaba is simple: spread the bad luck, convert people to the worship of Beshaba and harass the worshiper of Tymora, Lathander and Selune. If two Chosens ever met, they will more likely fight each other to death, to avoid that a Sixth Chosen have to track any other Chosen. 

Creating a Chosen of Beshaba: 

“Chosen of Beshaba” is a template that can be added to any humanoid creature. A Chosen of Beshaba, uses the character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here. The Maiden of Misfortune doesn’t have the power to remove Chosen status from a character, except by sending a Sixth Chosen after this character to kill him. 

Special Qualities: Chosen of Beshaba retain all their special qualities.
Bonus spell (Sp): constant- aura of mistcast, at will- obscuring mist, unseen servant, bane 5/day- contagion, blindness/ deafness, mirror image 3/day- suggestion, spell turning, mislead 1/day- reverse gravity, whirlwind, mind blank, bestow Beshaba’s curse

Immunities (Ex): A Chosen of Beshaba is immune to aging, does not age, and is effectively immortal. He or she is also immune to any curse cast at him, except those cast by another chosen of Beshaba. Any attempt on scrying a chosen of Beshaba will reveal a false location. 

Aura of mistcast : An aura of 10′ surround the chosen of Beshaba. Any spell cast within this aura have a percentage equal to 10 + chosen total level + chosen wis modifier + chosen cha modifier to be mistcast by the caster, and cause him 1d4 damage by spell level. A successfull reflex save against DC 10 + chosen cha modifier halves the damage. The chosen is immune against his own aura, but is affected by the aura of another chosen. 

Bestow Beshaba’s curse : Bestow Beshaba’s curse is like the spell Bestow Curse, except for the following: this is a range touch attack, and there is no save. The victim must succeed a spot check against DC 15 + chosen total level + chosen wis modifier + chosen cha modifier. The curse enter in action 1d6 hours after the encounter with the chosen. The decrease on ability score is not automatic, it can be a disease caught from an insect or any accident that cause a great harm to the victim. A sense motive check is allowed when the curse enter in effect against the same DC. Anyone who were with the victim during the encounter and until the curse enter in effect can do the sense motive check. If it is successfull, he recall to have seen someone strange a few moments ago. The curse can pass for a disease or an injury and 
need a detect magic spell to reveal the true nature. It can be remove by a “remove curse” spell cast only by a cleric of at least 15th level, or by any priest of Tymora. 

Saves: same as character; 

Abilities: Dex +2, con +2, wis +4, cha +4

Skills: same as character; 

Feat: same as character; 

CR: +4

Alignment: NE or CE

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