Chosen of Gorm Gulthyn

Chosen of Gorm Gulthyn

Also known as The Barakor

Its a template that can be added to any Dwarf. A Chosen of Gorm Gulthyn uses the character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted below.

BONUS SPELLS (Sp): Constant~~ Protection from Evil, Protection from Elements, Protection from Arrows. At will~~ Endurance, Spiritual Weapon, Aid. 5/day:~~ Greater Magic Weapon, Divine Favor. 3/day~~ Dictum, Holy Word. 1/day~~ Elemental Swarm (earth spell only), Iron Body.

Gorm’s Might (Ex): Chosen of Gorm Gulthyn can use this ability 4 times a day. When calling out to his god the chosen’s weapon gains a +4 enhancement bonus and confers the powers of a Robe of eyes upon its bearer. His armor also gains a +4 bonus and acts as a Ring of spell turning. 

Fire eyes of Gorm (Ex): The Chosen causes his eyes to emit twin rays of fire. These thin, ruby red beams are hot enough to burn holes in plate armor in 1 round, and in most stone walls in 2 rounds. The eye beams cause 2d12 points of damage per eye, per round to any creature they touch. Creatures who make a successful Dex save (DC22) takes half damage. The beams are a ranged touch attack.

Earths embrace (Sp): The Chosen gains damage reduction 20 vs. any elemental (earth only) spells cast at him.

Immunity (Sp): The Chosen does not age and has a +4 bonus vs. all poisons magical or mundane. He is also immune to all non magical Axes. 

100 Battle Axes (Sp): The chosen can use this ability once per day. When called upon a terrible thunderclap sounds across the battlefield and 100 battle axes swarm and twirl through the air in a 60’X 20′ radius spread centering on him. The axes only harm his enemies and not those he is protecting. The axes cause 10d6 points of damage to all enemies withing the area of effect. A successful Dex save (DC22) takes only half damage.

Saves: The character adds + 3 as a bonus to all saving throws.

Abilities: Increase from the character as follows: Str +4, Con +4, Cha +4

Skills: Intimidate, Listen, Sense Motive and Spot are class skills, regardless of the character’s class.

Feats: (You gain these feats automaticly without meeting their prerequisites) Bull Headed, Survivor, Blooded and Great Cleave. 

Climate/Terrain: Same as the character.
Organization: Same as the character, But must be a devoted follower of Gorm Gulthyn.
Challenge Rating: Same as the character +4.
Alignment: CG
Treasure: Same as the character.
Advancement: Same as the character

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