Chosen of Grumbar

Chosen of Grumbar 
Chosen of grumbar are rare, right now there are only two known who lives on faerun. A chosen of Grumbar is an impressive figure, although most share the same traits no two has eyes that look the same , they are usually bigger and broader then other members of their race and they usually have a very strong voice, futhermore they have skins that are very hard and rough but some have a marble-like appearence to their skins. Chosen of Grumbar are sometimes referred to as Earthrulers and Groundbounds. 

A chosen of grumbar retains all his special qualities plus the following 

Bonus Spells(Sp): At Will, Pass Without Trace, Soften Earth And Stone, Stone Shape, Stoneskin and meld into stone. 2/day, Passwall, Haste, Iron body, Stone Wall, Eartquake and Find The Path. 1/day, Elemental Swarm(as earth spell only). 

Immunities: The Chosen is immune to critical hits, flanking, diseases, aging, poison and mind influencing effects he is futhermore completely immune to slow spells and effects. 

Earths Connection(Su): Whenever the chosen is outdoors and has both his feet on the ground he has damage reduction 10/+1, regeneration and spell resistance 15. 

Earths Lore(Ex): The chosen gains a +10 competence on survival checks when underground or in areas with large quantities of rock or stone. 

Tremorsense(Ex): The chosen automatically knows the location of any creature within 60 feet that is in contact with the ground. 

Stone Strike(Su): When using a weapon in two hands the chosen adds x2 his strength modifier to damage instead of x1,5. 

Thrust(Ex): When the chosen throws a thrown weapon its range is doubled. 

Earths Form(Su): once a day the chosen may polymorph himself into an Elder Earth Elemental(as the polymorph spell) that lasts a number of rounds equal to 10+the chosens consitution modifier. 

Type: The chosens type changes to outsider(earth). 

Resistance(Ex): The chosen gains Fire and Acid Resistance 20. 

Skills: Survival and Balance is always class skills

Saves:Will and Fort save increase by +1, Ref save decrease by -1 

Abilities: Increse as follows: str+5,dex-2,con+2,int+0,wis+2,cha+1

Feats: Same as character 

Challenge rating+4 

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