Chosen of Ilmater

Ilmater, he was granted Chosen status and endowed with the following abilities:

Lay hands – as the paladin ability, however it is based on his total character level.

Immune to disease (except for sink, see below)

Cure disease by touch 1/day/charisma modifier

Bolstered Resistance – anyone cured of a disease by a Chosen will be immune to that particular disease for a duration of one year, and receive a permanent +10 hardiness bonus to Fort saves against any further instances of that particular disease.

Contagion Sink – Any contagious disease within 100′ of the chosen will be spread only to the chosen (i.e., nobody else is in danger of catching it). If the chosen has enough cure diseases available to cure all infected carriers within range, he does so automatically. If not, the chosen takes on all symptoms at half strength (half ability loss, half restrictions, etc.), while simultaneously lessening all symptoms on all sufferers within range by half.
Multiple contagions can be absorbed at one time, however none of the chosen’s ability scores will ever drop below 3 from an absorbed disease. Also, if any absorbed disease effects the Chosen’s Charisma score, the original, unmodified score is always used when determining the number of Cure Disease spells he can cast.

The Suffering You Have Caused – Once per day, the Chosen may select one person who has hurt him and cause all injury inflicted on him by that person that day to be inflicted on him. The Chosen is instantly healed of all types of damage inflicted by that person (hit points, ability damage, disfigurement, etc.) while simultaneously the one who inflicted said injuries receives them. Thus if a torturer has spent the day breaking both legs and gouging the eyes out of the chosen’s body, the chosen can invoke this power and will suddenly be whole and unharmed (except for any injuries not inflicted by that torturer) with his vision restored, while the torturer will suddenly have two broken legs and no eyes.

Domain Access The Chosen gains access to the Suffering and Renewal domains if he does not already have them. If the Chosen is not a divine spellcaster, he still gains the use of the powers granted by these domains. If the Chosen is an arcane spellcaster, he may prepare and use spell from these domains in the appropriate spell slots.

Ability Increases +2 Con, +2 WIS, +4 CHR

CR: +2
LA: +4

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