Chosen of Kiaransalee

Chosen of Kiaransalee

Also known as The Yathrinshee

Its a template that can be added to any Elf or Half Elf. A Chosen of Kiaransalee uses the character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted below.

BONUS SPELLS (Sp): Constant~~ Detect Undead, Cloak of dark power, Magic circle against good. At will~~ Holy Sword, Desecrate, Speak with dead. 5/day:~~ Suggestion, Blacklight, Death Ward. 3/day~~ Undead Lieutenant, Kiss of the Vampire, Banishment. 1/day~~ Energy drain, Create greater Undead, Gate.

Immunties (Ex): Chosen of Kiaransalee are immune to all the special attack forms from undead beings. They never age but still die when the time is at hand. 

Negative energy absorbtion (Su): If the chosen has been successfully attacked by any undead with fewer than 12 hit dice she gains the amount of damage inflicted to her hit points.

The Revenancers smile (Ex): The Chosen of kiaransalee gain a +4 bonus to the DC of any of her spells cast from the school of Necromancy or with the Retribution and Undead discriptors while in the underdark. On the surface however this bonus drops to +2. 

Mantle of Nightmares (SP):
On command the chosen may summon a cloak of rattling bones that causes fear in all living creatures that hear it, requiring a successful Will. save DC30 with a -4 penalty to avoid its effects. She may use this ability once a day, and it lasts a total of 12 hours a day. (the hours may be broken up seperately into rounds). 

Loyal Undead (Su): In any given round the chosen can command the absolute loyalty from any undead creature within 200 feet that has less than 8HD and is not of a divine status. This ability functions constantly.

Curse of the Revenancer (Sp): Once a day the chosen may make a touch attack against any living creature. If the attack is successful the opponent must make a Fort. save DC30 or otherwise nothing short of a Wish spell or a Remove Curse spell cast by a 14’th level caster can remove this curse. Once the curse is successfully laid on the creature, any foe killed by the victim has a 15% chance of rising from the grave as a Revenant. If the foe has a Con. score of 18 or better then the chances increase to 30%. If the foe is a follower of Kiaransalee then the chances increase to 50%. If the foe is the chosen who laid the curse, then the chances of rising as a Vampire Lord is 100%.

Spell Immuity (Sp): The Chosen is immune to the spells listed here as if she were constantly under the effects of the spell, Spell Immunity.

*Detect evil
*Mark of retribution
*Greter dispelling
*Holy word
*Wail of the Banshee

The vengeful banshees blight (Sp): The Chosen can use this ability one time a day. This ability works just as if she had cast the spell Unholy Blight, except that the area of effect centers on her in a 60 foot radius spread. It deals 1d12 points of damage per 2 caster levels (maximum 5d12) and heals all undead in the area the same amount. It also sickens good creatures for 1d6 rounds causing a -3 penalty to all attack, weapon damage, saving throw, skill, and ability rolls. 

Kiaransalee’s Undead ally (Sp): The chosen can summon five Wights 4x/ day, three drow vampires 3x/ day, two drow cursts, 2x/ day, or one Nightwalker twice a week. 

Saves: The character adds + 2 as a bonus to all saving throws, and + 4 divine bonus to saves against Necromancy spells and spells with the Undeath and Retribution discriptors.

Abilities: Increase from the character as follows: Dexterity +3, Strength +2 Charisma +3, Wisdom +4.

Skills: Hide, Intimidate, move silently and Intuit direction are class skills, regardless of the character’s class.

Feats: (You gain these feats automaticly without meeting their prerequisites) Improved Familiar (either a Fiendish Bat, Giant Lizard, Fiendish Viper, Homunculus, Ice Mephit or Imp) Stealthy, Survivor, Twin sword style.

Climate/Terrain: Same as the character.
Organization: Same as the character, But must be a devoted follower of Kiaransalee.
Challenge Rating: Same as the character +5.
Alignment: CE, NE
Treasure: Same as the character.
Advancement: Same as the character

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