Chosen of Kossuth

Spell Like Abilities:Constant-Resist Elements (Fire/Cold) At Will-Burning Hands, Produce Flames, 5/day-Wall of Fire, Shatter 3/day- Fire Shield, Fire Shield,Fire Seeds, 2/day-Fire Storm, Disintegrate, 1/day-Incendiary Cloud or Earthquake 

Immunities- Kossuths Chosen do not suffer the effects of aging, poisons, and all mind altering effects. They do not suffer any effects from being extremely dry or hot environments.

The Lord of Flames- These abilities can be used as a free action a number of times per day equal to the Chosens Constitution modifier.

Fire Grasp-A Chosen of Kossuth can deal 1d6 points of fire damage as a touch attack. This extra damage is in addition to damage from other unarmed attacks.

Body of Flame- A Chosen of Kossuth can transform his body into flame for 10 minutes for every 5 HD per day. He gains fire immunity and damage reduction 30/+1 and anyone he touches must succeed at a Reflex Save (10+Chosens HD) or catch on fire. Creatures hitting a Chosen in this state with natural weapons or unarmed attacks take 2d6 points of fire damage and also catch on fire unless they succeed at a Reflex save (DC 10+Chosens HD).

Saves- Same as base creature
Skills/Feats-Same as base creature
Abilities- Dex+2, Con+6, Cha+2
Challenge Rating- Base Creature +4
Alignment- Any Neutral

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