Chosen of Malar

Chosen of Malar: The Huntmaster / Mistress of the Hunt

Creating a Chosen of Malar
“Chosen of Malar” is a +4 template that can be added to any lycanthrope (lycan). A Chosen of Malar uses all the base character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted. A Chosen of Malar only has its power at the will of Malar; should the Beast lord decide to remove Chosen status from a character, he or she reverts to their old abilities. Actions that would cause the loss of status would probably lead to a quick hunt by the new chosen or others of the black blood that objected to their leadership style.

Malar chooses only the most cunning and ruthless of his followers to cull the weak, increase the brother hood and most importantly organize the great hunts.

It’s important to note that Malar’s Dogma strictly restricts his followers from killing the young, the pregnant, or deep spawn in order to ensure that prey will remain plentiful. They also work against those that would cut back the forest or in any other way encroach upon the habitats of prey. In a cruel and twisted way the Huntmaster can be viewed as a protector of nature.

With Malar’s ties to Lolth and his long standing hatred of the fair folk and Seldarine any chance to hunt elves or to corrupt them and add them to the pack will probably be pursued to the fullest. (pun intended)

The Chosen of Malar has the following abilities:
SU: Greater alternate form: A huntmaster may change into any were or hybrid form that they’ve been exposed too as a free action. In hybrid or were form the huntmaster can cast spells.
SU: Regress, suppress, or incite lycan change within 30’.

Special Qualities: The Chosen Malar retains all their special qualities.

Bonus spell like abilities (Sp): 
At will- Detect snares and pits, Speak with Animals
5/day – Pass without Trace, Longstrider, Cure Moderate Wounds
3/day – Dominate Animal, Commune with Nature, Protection from Law
1/day – Blasphemy

Immunities (Ex): A Chosen of the Beastlord is immune to Poison and Disease. 10 resistances to elemental attacks from cold, fire (heat) and electricity. He or she is also immune to aging, does not age, and is effectively immortal.

Damage reduction: 15 / +2 Silvered Weapons
Immune to Mind Affecting Abilities
SA: Low light vision and Dark Vision +60’.
Improved Scent: 120’ Range
Skills: +4 to Spot and Survival.
Abilities: +4 Str, +2 Con, +2 Int, +4 Wis, +2 Chr. 
Alignment: Always Chaotic

The Hunts master or Mistress of the Hunt carry the Horn of the Great Hunt and wears a Stag Horn Helm resembling a great pair of antlers. These badges of Malar’s favor binds to the chosen and confers the following abilities:
+4 Natural Armor (stacks with other natural armor)
+3 Unholy Anarchic (d10) strike that can be used instead of a standard chosen’s natural attack. It doesn’t stack or add additional attacks.
Greater arrow deflection; allows the deflection of up to three missiles per round.
Continuous Freedom of Movement
Continuous Non-detection, helmet does not radiate evil.
+30 Movement
Should the chosen be slain the helm will try and compel whoever touches it to don it (Will save DC 20). The helm will grant all of the above powers to the wearer. Upon donning the helm the wearer must make a fortitude save (DC 15) or contract lycanthropy. Every hour the wearer continues to wear the helm they must make another save with a culmutive –1 per hour that they’ve worn the helm. IE: After a great fight the party slays the huntsmaster and his pack, the elven ranger sees the helm fall free and scoops it up. Inspecting it closely she notices the exquisite workmanship and decides to try it on. With no ill effects, she continues to wear it. The party camps and the next day the ranger takes point, in the afternoon after 6 hours of wear she fails a save (-6 to the roll) and feels a euphoric surge of energy. The Beastlord has bestowed an amazing gift and welcomed a new member to the pack. (type of were-creature determined by GM) Degree of alignment shift to chaotic evil can vary from instantaneous to one shift per full moon. The helm can infect up to as many people as the level of the last Huntmaster. There is no compulsion to keep the Helm. The helm will disappear when it has infected enough people or a new chosen is appointed.

Horn of the Great Hunt:
The Horn of the Great Hunt allows the Chosen to summon a pack of dire wolves with max hit points and a 60 speed. The pack obeys the will of the Huntmaster. The horn also can compel any evil or neutral lycans who hear it to join the hunt will save (DC 25). Any non lycans that have received aid from the pack during the winter or hard times also feel the compulsion to join the hunt to repay the pack and put food on another’s table.

All who join the hunt are affected as if they posses the run, endurance and tireless feats and the scent ability. The pack does not need to eat, sleep or rest while chasing their prey.

The Horn can be blown three times per hour and has a range of ¼ mile per level. The horn can summon 1d6 Dire wolves or 1d2 Dire Wolves and call to any lycan within range. A maximum of one dire wolf per level can be summoned this way. There is no maximum to the number of lycans or non lycans that can be called.

The Huntmaster is cunning, to answer the call of the Horn of the Great Hunt is an honor and does not imply cannon fodder status. 

Once the hunt has ended (successfully with a feast or the death of the Huntmaster) the pack will disperse and magically re-appear within a safe distance of their home/lair.

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