Chosen of Mask

Chosen of Mask

Creating a Chosen of Mask
“Chosen of Mask” is a template that can be added to any humanoid creature. A Chosen of Mask uses all the base character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted. A Chosen of Mask only has its power at the will of Mask; should the Masked Lord decide to remove Chosen status from a character, he or she reverts to their old abilities.

The Chosen of Mask is on a mission. The chosen of Mask was empowered by the lord of shadows to help him regain the portfolio of intrigue. To the fullest extent possible she is to undermine the followers of Cyric while increase the intelligence networks of the Lord of Thieves. That’s not saying she won’t ransack a temple of Waukeen for fun if the opportunity arises.

Disruptions to Cyric’s machinations will undoubtably lead to profit, the chosen is to take full advatage of these opportunities.

EX. Shadow’s Spawn: When operating anywhere that is partially shaded or out of direct sunlight the chosen of Mask gains all of the benefits of ¾ cover.

EX: Shadow senses: The chosen of Mask has heightened senses allow her to operate within complete darkness without penalty. Equivilent to the Blindsight ability with a range of 120′. This ability also allows the Chosen to operate traps, locks, disable devices, etc without illumination penalties.

EX: Perfect mission: The chosen can sanctify a local guild or thief’s plan of action against a single individual, edifice, or small group of people by bestowing favor on that individual or the group that will carry it out. Individuals so targeted by the chosen receive a +4 on any skill attempts directly related to performing the mission, are immune to fear, and have SR equal to 10 + ½ chosen’s level + Int bonus. This mission must be carried out within a number of tendays equal to the individual or guild master’s intelligence bonus. The chosen may sanctify a number of separately running operations equal to her intelligence score.

Spell like abilities (Sp):
At will: Disguise Self, Detect Thoughts
5/day – Distraction, True Filch, Improved Invisibility
3/day – Perfect crime, Teleport w/o error
1/day – Shadow Walk

Special Qualities: Chosen of Mask retain all their special qualities.

Immunities (Ex): A Chosen of Mask is immune to Poison and Disease. 5 resistances to elemental attacks from cold, fire (heat) and electricity. He or she is also immune to aging, does not age, and is effectively immortal.

Immune to Mind Affecting Abilities
Abilities: +6 Dex, +4 Int, +4 Chr. 
Alignment: Any 
Skills: +10 to Spot and Bluff checks.

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