Chosen of Shaundakul

Spell Like Abilities:Constant-Message At Will- Expeditious Retreat, Locate Object 5/day- Gaseous Form, Dimension Door, Wind Wall 3/day- Fly, Teleport,Wind Walk 2/day- Find the Path, Teleport Without Error 1/day- Astral Projection 1/month- Gate

Immunities- Shaundakuls Chosen do not suffer the effects of aging, poisons, and all mind altering effects.

Summon Air Elemental- Once per tenday, the Chosen can summon a greater air elemental to aid him. Summoning the air elemental takes a full round action.

Rider of the Winds- Chosen of Shaundakul’s feet never touch the ground. Thus he or she can’t be tracked.

Saves- Same as base creature
Skills/Feats-Same as base creature
Abilities- Dex+6, Con+4, Wis+6
Challenge Rating- Base Creature +4
Alignment- Any Chaotic

Special- To show their devotion to Shaundakul, once every month the Chosen are required to assume gaseous form at dawn so that they are carried with the wind. They are lowered safely to the ground at dusk, usually in a place they’ve never been before.

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