Chosen of Solonor Thelandira

Chosen of Solonor Thelandira

Also known as The Knight of the Green Bow 

Its a template that can be added to any Elf or Half Elf. A Chosen of Solonor uses the character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted below.

BONUS SPELLS (Sp): Constant~~ Speak with Animals, Resist Elements, Barkskin. At will~~ Freedom of Movement, Entangle. 
5/day:~~ Tree stride, Reverse Arrows. 3/day~~ Fire Storm, Sunbeam. 1/day~~ Anitpathy, Elemental Swarm.

Immunities (Ex): Chosen of Solonor are Immune to arrows and missiles, as well as spells & magic with arrow and missile like effects. 

Solonor’s Redoubt (Sp): The chosen may summon an invisible barrier, pierced only by a narrow arrow slit. When it comes into being the barrier totally encompasses the chosen. This shield provides a +4 deflection bonus to AC against all frontal attacks, and a +2 bonus to all other attacks. In addition it also adds a +1 divine bonus to her saving throws. This may be used once a day and lasts 5 rounds per character level.

Everfull Quiver (Sp): The chosen may enchant a quiver that contains at least two arrows. Every round thereafter, the chosen may withdraw up to two arrows a round without depleating the total number of arrows found within the quiver. This ability may be used as many times a day equal to your Dex mod. Once enchanted the effects on the quiver last 1 round per character level.

Archers Bane (Su): Any arrow fired upon the chosen has a 50% chance of being turned back upon the caster.

Ever Vigilent (Su): The chosen cannot be surprised by any creature within 500 feet of his person.

Animal Ally (Sp): The Chosen may summon 2 Dire Wolves to help him in combat. If killed in battle the Dire Wolf will be reincarnated in 48 hours as a dire wolf cub, with a natural born dislike of the race that slew it in its former life. He may use this ability one time a day.

Sylvan blessing (Su): While in Elven forests or any Elven lands the chosen can become invisible and undetectable to all animals, Fey and magical beasts including dire animals if he wishes to be.

Storm of Arrows (Sp): This ability works the same as a Ice Storm spell, except that a flurry of Flaming Green arrows rain down from the storm, and any enemy target struck is affected as if by a Disintegrate spell. Creatures caught in the area of the spell can attempt a Fortitude save (DC30). If save is successful then they still sustain 4d8+3 points of damage. The area of the spell is in a cylinder, 40ft. radius, 60ft. high. This spell may be cast once every 100 minutes.

Saves: The character adds + 2 as a bonus to all saving throws.

Abilities: Increase from the character as follows: Dexterity +6, Strength +2 Charisma +4.

Skills: Wilderness lore, Handle animal, Animal empathy, and Move silently are class skills, regardless of the character’s class.

Feats: (You gain these feats automaticly without meeting their prerequisites) Extra favored enemy, Rapid shot and Quick draw. 

Climate/Terrain: Same as the character.
Organization: Same as the character, But must be a devoted follower of Solonor Thelandira.
Challenge Rating: Same as the character +4.
Alignment: CG
Treasure: Same as the character.
Advancement: Same as the character

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