Chosen of the Triad (Tyr, Ilmater, Torm) 

Chosen of the Triad (Tyr, Ilmater, Torm) 

The Triad is not likely to grant their powers to any creature just walking on Faerun. Only those, suitable will earn the power granted by the Triad.

Since this grants many benefits it has certain requirements. 

These are:

MUST be Lawful Good.

MUST have one out of these three gods as patron deity.

MUST be either cleric or paladin or monk having Ilmater as patron deity. Multiclass only allowed between those 3 classes or with a fitting prestige class. (Justiciar of Tyr, Hand of Torm, Martyred Champion of Ilmater, Contemplate, Divine Champion, etc). If they are a multi class such as paladin/cleric, they MUST choose which class is important for the benefits they gain.The other will be ignored.


Divine Health: As long as he stays in service of the Triad he is granted immunity to poison (also magic), diseases (also magic), curses and even immunity to negative levels or attribute losses (i.E. Weaken).

Immortality and returning youth: as long as he stays in service of the Triad he is granted immortality and does not age anymore. He does get the benefits of aging though but not the malefits. Already taken malefits are NEGATED. (This means you get the usual boni in INT, WIS and CHA, but not the mali in STR, DEX and CON. Mali that you have already taken in those physical attributes by aging are set back to their original status like you have never aged.)

Additional Attribute bonus: 

Strength +2 (Monk/Cleric); +4 (Paladin)
Dexterity +2 (Monk)

Constitution +4 (all)
Wisdom +2(Paladin/Monk) ; +4 (Cleric) 
Charisma +4 (all) 

Damage Reduction: 

5/- [cleric/paladin], 

15/+2 [monk] 

however a monk, who has already obtained his damage reduction of 20/+1 (at lvl 20) can choose to keep it or take the new granted. However he can not choose between the granted and the original damage reduction when he becomes a lvl 20 monk afterwards. 

+ 3 to all saving throws (cleric/paladin)

+1 to all saving throws (monk). 

– EVASION (all; see monk for details)

– Spellresistance 14 (all)

– completly immune to any form of mind control. (all)

General Abilities: 

Alignment Sight: 
Every Chosen of the Triad can see any creature´s exact alignment, without even concentrating.
Spells or any other ability can not hinder this ability.

Summon Epic Arms: 
Once per day a the chosen can summon an exact “copy” of his patron deity´s weapon, which can not be disarmed. It lasts for the chosen´s complete level + charisma bonus in minutes.
Malefits on these weapons are negated, bonus such as weapon focus are treated normal (i.E. if a cleric of Torm has no weapon proficiency in Great Sword, he does not get the -4 malefits he would normally get with this weapon) 

Torm as patron deity: +5 holy avenger greatsword
Tyr as Patron deity: +5 Vorpal longsword 
Ilmater as Patron deity: +5 keen, lawful, vorpal unarmed strike

Additional Domains (cleric only): 
A cleric can choose 2 additional domains of his choice. However these domains need not to be of the gods domains, but MUST NOT lie on contrary of theirs such as evil, chaotic, etc. which are not possible to choose from. Also Spider, Dead (Necromancy), etc. is not possible.
Additional slots: The cleric gains an additional slot for his domain spells on all spell lvls. (2 domain spell slots each spell lvl now instead of 1.)

Additional Abilities (Paladin only): 
The hitpoints healed by lay on hands are increased by 50% (class lvl x charisma bonus x 1.5)
He further gains an additional slot on each spell level.
Epic Weapon Speciality: The paladin is granted all Epic weapon focus, epic specialization and overwhelming critical with the weapon of his choice.

Additional Abilities (Monk only): 
Smite Evil (3 times per day)
Lay on hands (lvl x 2 hitpoints per day)
Further he can choose 3 divine spells out of the clerics regular repertoir spells of each 0th ,1st ,2nd and 3rd lvl. He can speak each of those spells once per day. Preparation is same as cleric.

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