Chosen of Tymora

Chosen of Tymora

A Chosen of Tymora is the living embodiment of the Lady of Luck, sharing her friendliness and grace, as well as her good nature. The Chosen are full of risks, but aren’t reckless as they the know Tymora will ensure they live a long, eventful life. Tymora chooses only her best and brightest worshippers to become her Chosen, commissioning them to spread good luck throughout the width of the Realms. One of the key goals of the Chosen of Tymora is to hunt down the followers of Beshaba, and to help halt her spreading of bad luck.
As the number 7 is considered lucky by many, Tymora can have up to 7 Chosen at any particular time. As well, the Chosen are commonly women. The identities of Tymora’s current Chosen are unknown.

Chosen of Tymora 

Immunities: A Chosen of Tymora is immune to aging and does not suffer the effects of aging. The Chosen is also immune to all poisons or diseases. 

Aura of Luck: A Chosen of Tymora can create a Lucky Aura a number of time per day equal to her Charisma modifier. Any ally within this aura receives a +2 to any saves, attacks, or skill checks made. The Aura of Luck lasts for a number of rounds equal to 5 plus the Chosen’s charisma modifier. The aura extends for 20ft around the Chosen.

Good Fortune: 5/day the Chosen may re-roll any roll they may have made and failed.

Luck of the Lady: 3/day the Chosen can automatically succeed at one saving throw, regardless of the difficulty.

Lucky Strike: 3/day the Chosen can automatically succeed at one attack. A roll can still be made to determine whether or not it is a critical. 

Divine Grace: The Chosen gains a bonus equal to her charisma modifier on all of her saving throws.

Abilities: Charisma +10

Alignment: CG or NG 

CR: +4

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