Chosen of Waukeen

Chosen of Waukeen.

Chosen Spell-like Abilities (Sp): The Chosen of Waukeen may choose any one spell at every other level starting at 2nd, of each level 1-9 which may be used once per day per Wis modifier as a natural spell-like ability ((ie at 2nd, you gain one 1st level spell at 4th you gain one 2nd level spell). Caster level is equal to the Chosen’s character level or Hit dice, and the DC is Wis based. Once chosen, these spells cannot be changed.

Guardian: Upon accceptance of becoming a chosen of Waukeen you are gifted with a Special compainion. While not a true guardian, this telepathic creature is often the closses friend to the Chosen. This creature is treated as a Druids compainion, or as a Paldins mount (DM discretion based on type of chosen). 

Immunities: Waukeen’s Chosen do not suffer the effects of aging, poisons, and all mind altering effects.

Sustenance (Su): A Chosen of Waukeen does not need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep, although she must rest normally to regain spells.

Traveler: The Chosen of Waukeen often must travel far and wide to establish trade. They gain a base speed increse as a Monk.

Fast Appraise: A chosen of Waukeen automatically knows the value of any object, as a free action.

Sense Horde: Money is only useful if it is spent, and hording it is a sin (hording and saving are not the same thing). In order to assist her chosen in finding and redistributing these horded treasures, Waukeen grants her choosen the ability to locate any unattended treasure that has been horded within 50 ft. This ability increses by 5 ft/level.

Use Portal: While the addition of portals is new to Waukeen’s portfolio she has been quick to make use of it. All of her chosen gain the ability to safly use any portal, regardless of activation restrictions, and they automatically know the destination of any portal. 

Sense Portal: The chosen gains the continues ability to sense portals. This ability starts at 50 ft and increses by 10ft / level

Special: All Chosen of Waukeen must have some sort of business, where the profits are reinvested. Often the intial set up is sponsered by the church or by direct intervention of the Goddess. They do not have to maintain or manage the business personally so long as they do trust whomever is managing it (often a another follwer of Waukeen). All of the profits of this business must be reinvested in some manner (it can be used to start another business at the charcters discretion).

Special: Unlike a normal clerics of Waukeen the chosen isn’t required to donate thier funds to the church, however they are required to invest all of thier money. even while saving towards a particular purchase, it is better to save that money in the form of a minor magical item (that can be easily liquedated) then to keep it in exsess coin)

Abilities: +2 Int, +2 Wis, +2 Cha.

Skills: Same as character, all craft and profession Skills become class skills.

Saves: As Base creature.

Alignment: Always True Neutral

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