Guardian of Evermeet

Guardian of Evermeet

The Guardian of Evermeet is one elf on Toril, who is effectively the Chosen of all of the Gods of the Seldarine simultaneously. The current (and so far only) Guardian of Evermeet is Amlaruil Moonflower, and she embodies the might of the Seldarine perfectly. The Guardian of Evermeet exists to preserve Elven welfare on Toril, especially the Haven of Evermeet. She had access to the High Magic of old, which she can cast even off of Evermeet.

Creating a Guardian of Evermeet

Guardian of Evermeet is a template that can be added to any elf. A Guardian uses the character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted below. A Guardian of Evermeet has her power only at the will of Corellon and the other Elven deities; should the Seldarine decide to revoke Guardian status from Amlaruil, she would revert to her original abilities. 

Special Qualities: A Guardian of Evermeet retains all special qualities of the character and also gains the following.

Immunities: The Guardian of Evermeet is immune to all aging effects, and does not age. 

Teleportation (Su): This potent ability, granted by Corellon himself, allows Amlaruil to be aware of any above water ship within five miles of Evermeet. 3/day, she can automatically teleport such a ship 20d20 miles in a random direction.

Commune (Su): The Guardian of Evermeet can Commune with any god of the Seldarine at will as a free action while in reverie.

Elfune Communication (Su): The Guardian of Evermeet has the ability to create Elfrunes as well as to communicate telepathically with the wearer of such a ring.

Free High Magic (Su): Through a special deal Corellon has with the goddess Mystra, High Mages have full access to Epic Magic, and even have some of it’s harmful effects mitigated by the Seed Affinity and Mythal Creation class features. However, these abilities cannot be used outside Evermeet, and Evereska, and perhaps the High Forest. 
Amlaruil suffers none of these limitations however. She has full access to her Epic Magic outside the aforementioned areas. As a matter of fact, in addition to the boons granted by her High Mage class features, she also gains the ability to ignore up to 5,000 points of experience drain and up to 20d6 point of backlash damage that casting an Epic Spell might otherwise deal to her. 
This ability is extremely powerful and has potentially devastating effects on the Weave if misused.

Pathway to Arvandor (Su): Because of her connection with the Seldarine, the Guardian has the ability to learn the memories of any elf that has died within the past 2 hours, as long as she has access to the body.

Other Abilities: The Guardian of Evermeet may very well have any of a plethora of other abilities that are currently unknown, possibly to the Guardian herself. These abilities, if they exist, would likely only appear at times of great crisis for Evermeet.

Saves: Increase from the character as follows: Fortitude Save +2, Reflex Save +2, Will Save +10.
Abilities: Increase from the character as follows. Dex +2, Int +4, Wis +4, Cha +2.
Skills: The Guardian of Evermeet gains the following skill bonuses; +10 Sense Motive, +10 Diplomacy, +4 Handle Animal, +4 Spellcraft, +4 Concentration.
Feats: Gains Brew Potion, and Craft Wondrous Items as bonus feats.

Challenge Rating: Same as character +5.

Amlaruil Moonflower
Wizard 18/ Archmage 5/ High Mage 5
Medium-Size Humanoid (Elf, Moon)
Hit Dice: 18d4+36 (wizard) plus 5d4+10 (archmage) plus 5d4+10 (High Mage) (128 hp)
Initiative: +8
Speed: 30 ft.
AC: 14 (+4 dex)
Attacks: spell +14 melee touch, or +18 ranged touch; or quarterstaff +14/+10 melee.
Damage: spell; or quarterstaff 1d6.
Face/ Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft./ 5 ft.
Special Attacks: Teleportation
Special Qualities: Arcane Fire (600 ft., 5d6+1d6 per spell level), Mastery of Counterspelling, Mastery of Shaping, Spell Power +1, Spell Power +2, Seed Affinity (Ward, Energy), Immunities, Commune, Elfrune Communication, Free High Magic.
Saves: Fort +13, Ref +15, Will +33
Abilities: Str 10, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 30, Wis 25, Cha 19.

Skills: Concentration +41, Craft (Alchemy) +30, Decipher Script +25, Diplomacy +38, Knowledge (Arcana) +51, Knowledge (History) +30, Knowledge (Local, Evermeet) +30, Knowledge (Religion) +30, Perform +7, Ride +7, Sense Motive +41, Spellcraft +57.

Feats: Brew Potion, Craft Wondrous Items, Epic Skill Focus (Knowledge [Arcana]), Epic Skill Focus (Spellcraft), Epic Spellcasting (3/day), Heighten Spell, Improved Counterspell, Improved Initiative, Improved Spell Capacity (10th), Maximize Spell, Quicken Spell, Reactive Counterspell, Skill Focus (Spellcraft), Spellcasting Prodigy (wizard), Spell Focus (Abjuration), Spell Focus (Divination).

Wizard Spells/Day (Levels 0-10): 4/7/7/7/6/4/6/4/5/4/2; base DC=20+spell level.
Epic Spells/day: 3
Epic Spells known: As the onetime Grand Mage of Evermeet, Amlaruil has developed (can be the center of a Circle for) most of the High Magic Rituals of old. However, many such spells she would be hesitant to use, because she is loathe risking anymore of the dwindling ranks of High Mages.
Possessions: Amlaruil does not, in general, carry or wear anything other than her gray robes of mourning. However, if needed she could easily have access to any non-artifact item, as well as many of the most powerful Elven artifact weapons and items, including a moonblade. 

CR: 33

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