Archery Carnival Game

So this was my first minigame I ever came up with. It was pretty basic but fantasy themed right from the start.

I based it off those cork-gun and dart games you might find at a real life carnival. The rules and procedures are as follows.

The player pays A 10 gold entry fee to take part. This buys them 10 arrows to use on the target range. The target ranged is boxed in with ‘Wind Wall’ spells so outsiders cannot tamper with the game. The arrows purchased with the entry fee are enchanted to get past the wind walls.

The targets are glass boxes that contain the prizes the player can get. The first box is always a copper coin, the second is A silver coin, the third is a gold coin, and the fourth is a platinum coin. The next 5 boxes are rolled loot, and the 10th and final box is A rolled ranged weapon.

In the first teir of this game, all of the boxes have an AC of 1, and 1 HP. So as long as you hit, the box breaks. The first box is at a range of 55 feet. The next box is at A range of (range increment)+55 feet. Each box is 1 range increment further away making them harder to hit by the player with the final box being at 10+ range increments so they are taking A -20 to hit it.

Upon breaking the 10th box the player is rewarded with A badge to prove of their victory. This badge allows them to take part in the next tier of the game. The second tier has a higher entry fee, and the boxes are more durable. THe loot is handled in the same way. The boxes will now have 5hp, and 5ac.

The distances are the same. Each additional tier is 5 more AC and 5 more HP. The entry cost continues to rise and the prizes rise with it. The range increments remain the same.

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