Chosen of Auppenser

Chosen of Auppenser: 

The Chosen of Auppenser are paragons of mental and physical acuity, seeking unfettered control of their abilities through experience, meditation and self study. When they’re not improving themselves, they are teaching others that show an aptitude for the “invisible art” how to encourage and grow their own latent abilities. They are vehemently opposed to slavery of any kind, and will never turn down the opportunity to start a revolt, and free as many slaves from the “yoke of tyrrany” as they possibly can. This has brought, and can bring them into conflict with many cities, and the followers of Bane. Being that Auppenser has been in slumber for many years, there hasn’t been a known Chosen active for just as long. The original Chosen are probably all deceased by now, killed in the massive tidal wave that destroyed Jhaamdath, but it is largely unknown either way. They could still be alive, spreading the teachings of Auppenser in his stead, and researching a way to awaken their sleeping patron.

Creating a Chosen of Auppenser

“Chosen of Auppenser” is a template that can be added to any humanoid creature (referred to hereafter as the “character”). A Chosen of Auppenser uses the character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here. A Chosen of Auppenser only has it’s power at the will of Auppenser; should The Serene One decide to remove Chosen status from the character, he reverts to his original abilities. Normally, Auppenser granted Chosen status to one Psion follower for each of the six disciplines of Psionics, and one Psychic Warrior. Auppenser did not, and does not grant the Chosen status upon wilders.

Special Qualities: The Chosen of Auppenser retains all special qualities of the character, and gains the following, with some qualities according to it’s Discipline.
Free Manifestations (Ps): A Chosen selects one power of each power level 1st through 9th that they currently know, which can then be manifested freely (without using power points) as a psi-like ability, once per day. The selected powers must share the same discipline that the character has chosen, but is not restricted to that specific discipline’s list of powers. For instance, a 9th level Egoist (the psychometabolism discipline) may choose Leech Field for their free manifestation of 5th level, because it is a psychometabolism power, but it’s not on the egoist discipline list itself. If the character is not high enough in manifester levels to have a new power to choose for a free manifestation, then they can select their next one when they gain the required manifester levels to have a new power of higher level. Once these nine powers are selected, they can never be changed*.
Perfection of Body: The Chosen is granted immunities to their bodies that are in concert with their manifestation abilities. This is one of the precepts of Auppenser’s teachings, and is shown in his chosen.
Immunities (Ex): All Chosen of Auppenser are immune to disease, and aging effects. They are also granted an extra immunity based on their psionic discipline:
Psychometabolism: Immune to any unwilling transmutation spells or psychometabolism powers.
Psychoportation: Constant and undispellable Freedom of Movement in effect. Successful dispel magics only suppress the effect for 1d4 rounds.
Psychokinesis: Immune to either Cold, Electricity, Fire, or Sonic damage. Can only choose one.
Clairsentience: Immune to any blindness or vision altering effects. The character’s vision can still be misled by illusions, just not negated or clouded.

Telepathy: Immune to Spells and Powers with the (Charm) and or (Compulsion) descriptor.
Perfection of Mind (Su): The Chosen’s mastery of the mind allows them to automatically apply the Extend Power, Maximize Power, and Empower Power feats upon a power they manifest, without raising the power point cost, and without actually having the feats themselves. This can only be used up to three times per day, and the character must expend their psionic focus in the process. If any of the metapsionic feats of this ability do not apply to the power you are enhancing, then only the others apply. If none apply, then the use is wasted, and the power is manifested normally. The power in combination with this ability cannot be quickened or twinned.
Perfect Balance of Body and Mind (Su): Through rigorous and constant self-discipline, meditation, and training according to the dogma of their patron, a Chosen of Auppenser that has 10 HD or more is granted the knowledge of attaining a nigh impenetrable state of existence. As a swift action, for as many rounds as half the character’s HD (rounded down), the Chosen gains a +10 bonus to all it’s saving throws. These rounds don’t have to be used all at once; they may be split up and used as the character sees fit, but never more rounds than half it’s HD (rounded down) may be used in a tenday.
Saves: Same as character.
Abilities: Increase from the character as follows: Strength +2 Dexterity +2 Constitution +2 Intelligence +2 Wisdom +2 Charisma +2. These bonuses reflect the creed of Auppenser; to strive for balance in body and mind.
Skills: Same as character.
Feats: Same as character.
Climate/Terrain: Same as character.
Organization: Same as character.
Challenge Rating: Same as character + 4.
Alignment: Always any neutral.
Treasure: Same as character.
Advancement: Same as character.

*If the character uses Psychic Reformation and replaces a power that they chose for free manifestation, the free manifestation simply disappears. It is unusable until the character manifests (or has manifest upon them) Psychic Reformation again, to choose the original power selected for free manifestation.

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