Chosen of Azuth

Chosen of Azuth

The Chosen of Azuth are arcane spellcasters, wizards, sorcerers, and occasionally bards, who love the study of magic and knowledge (of spellcasting). Hand-picked by the god of spellcasters, they approach magic from a standpoint of logic and reason. They protect the Weave from those who would harm it, generally the churches of Azuth and Mystra, and try to assemble the largest collection of arcane spells ever known so that no knowledge shall ever be lost.
The Chosen of Azuth appear no different than other creatures of their type.
Creating a Chosen of AzuthChosen of Azuth is a template that can be added to any humanoid creature (referred to hereafter as the “character”) that has at least one level of the wizard, sorcerer, or bard class and has chosen Azuth as his deity. A Chosen of Azuth uses all of the character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here. A Chosen of Azuth has its power only at the will of Azuth; should he decide to remove Chosen of Azuth status from the character, he reverts to his original abilities. There can be any number of Chosen of Azuths at once.
Special Attacks: A Chosen of Azuth retains all of the special attacks of the character and also gains the following.
High One’s Magic (Su): Once per day as a standard action, if the Chosen of Azuth makes a melee touch attack against a creature with spell resistance or magic immunity, he can impose an effect called High One’s Magic. If the touched creature fails a will save (DC 45), the Chosen of Azuth’s arcane magic affects the creature as though it had no spell resistance or magic immunity at all for 1d4+1 years. None of the Chosen’s allies gain this benefit, only the Chosen. Once a creature is affected by this ability and it wears off, it becomes immune to it for the rest of its life. If the Chosen of Azuth can use divine magic, this does not override the creature’s spell resistance for purposes of it, only arcane magic is affected. If the creature makes its will save, the Chosen of Azuth gains the benefit of High One’s Magic for 1d4+1 rounds anyway, but the creature does not gain immunity to it afterwards. The Chosen of Azuth can choose to allow the creature to make its will save so that it only works for 1d4+1 rounds and not gain the immunity afterwards.
Lord of Spells (Sp): When counterspelling an enemy spellcaster, instead of sacrificing an equal-level spell to counterspell the enemy’s spell, the Chosen of Azuth can instead choose to sacrifice an equal amount of spells to that spell level. For example, a Chosen could sacrifice a Magic Missile (level 1) and a Melf’s Acid Arrow (level 2) to counterspell a Fireball (level 3) instead of sacrificing his memorized Haste spell (level 3).
Spell-like Abilities: The Chosen of Azuth has access to the following spell-like abilities, which are as cast by a 20th level wizard. At Will – Detect Magic, Read Magic, Tongues 5/day – Dispel Magic, Haste 3/day – Greater Dispelling, True Seeing 1/day Time Stop

Special Qualities: A Chosen of Azuth retains all of the special qualities of the character and also gains the following.
Bonus Spells (Sp): A Chosen gains one bonus spell of each spell level of one arcane class of his choice 1st through 9th (1st through 6th for bards) per day, which can be used as a spell-like ability. Once these nine (six) spell are selected, they can never be changed. The Chosen can only choose spells that he knows, and a sorcerer or bard becomes incapable of forgetting spells he has chosen. The spells require no material components, they are created out of nothing for the spell and disappear if the spell fails.
School Immunity (Su): The Chosen of Azuth, through the power of his god, becomes immune to any arcane spell school of his choice. For example, if a Chosen of Azuth chooses Necromancy as his selected school, Finger of Death will no longer affect him, although Disintegration still will. The Chosen cannot choose spells to still affect him, once a school is chosen, all spells of that school, harmful or beneficial, no longer affect him except those that he casts himself. For example, the Chosen could choose to allow his Mage Armor to work on himself if he chose Abjuration, but if someone else tried to cast Mage Armor on him it would do nothing. A wizard cannot choose the school to be immune to that he is specialized in, so an Evoker could not choose Evocation as his immunity. Once the school is chosen, it cannot be changed. Chosens cannot choose “Universal” as their immunity. If a spell has more than two schools and the Chosen is immune to one of them, he immune to the spell entirely.
Divine spells of the chosen school still affect the Chosen normally, only arcane spells are blocked by it. Therefore, a Chosen who has picked Necromancy as his immune school is still affected normally by a Cause Light Wounds spell. Psionics that cause similar effects to mage spells or are of schools that are similar to arcane schools are not affected by this ability, this is a (slight) exception to the rules in the Psionics handbook that say to treat magic and psionics the same for purposes like this.
If the Chosen chooses Divination, anyone attempting to Scry him (or use similar spells) finds nothing. If they attempt to read his thoughts, they find nothing.
It should be noted that this ability does not cause spells of the school to fail, it causes them to do nothing when they try to affect him. A magic missile is cast normally, but when it reaches the Chosen who is immune to evocation, it disappears.
Cleric Domains (Sp): The Chosen of Azuth can cast one cleric spell per spell level from the Illusion, Magic, Knowledge, Law, or Spell domain (Azuth’s domains) once per day by sacrificing a wizard/sorcerer/bard spell of the appropriate level. For example, a wizard Chosen of Azuth can sacrifice a memorized Protection from Evil (lv. 1 wizard spell) to cast any level 1 spell from the listed domains. The spell is cast as though the arcane class he sacrificed the spell from is a cleric, so a 17 Wizard/3 Fighter can cast the spell as a 17th level cleric. The spell is cast as an arcane spell, so if the Chosen has a feat that applies to arcane spells of the school the cleric spell is of (Spell Focus: Necromancy, for example), it applies. However, each spell level can only be used once per day, so the wizard could only cast one level 1 cleric spell per day (but he could still cast a spell from every other level).
Immunities (Ex): The Chosen of Azuth is immune to aging (both natural and magical), disease, level draining, negative levels, and poison. In essence, he is immortal unless killed (or stripped of his abilities by Azuth).

Saves: Same as the character, except that the Chosen of Azuth gains a divine +5 bonus to all saves against spells cast by wizards, sorcerers, or bards. This does not affect spell-like abilities or non-spell abilities (such as trip attempts).
Abilities: Same as character, except that the Chosen of the Azuth gains a permanent +4 enhancement bonus to Intelligence.
Skills: Same as the character.
Feats: Same as the character.
Climate/Terrain: Same as the character.
Organization: Same as the character.
Challenge Rating: Same as the character +4.
Alignment: Same as the character. Azuth usually picks wizards and sorcerers of lawful alignments, though bards he picks tend to show lawful tendencies despite being neutral or chaotic.
Treasure: Same as the character.
Advancement: Same as the character.

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