Chosen of Bhaal


“Make all folk fear Bhaal. Let your killings be especially elegant, or grisly, or seem easy so that those observing them are awed or terrified. Tell folk that gold proffered to the church can make the Lord of Murder overlook them for today.”

The Chosen of Bhaal has to keep this firmly in his mind as he continues on in life, but has some leeway in how and when (as he does not need to be the same person who is the highpriest of the faith.).

When a person becomes a Chosen of the Lord Bhaal, his/ her skin becomes parched and white-ish (as if chalk was smeared all over) and he somewhat smells of herbs, just like a mummified corpse, albeit his skin is not brittle.

Special Qualities:
Bonus Spells (Sp): Constant: 
Levitate and Airwalk, 

Deathknell 3/ day, Slay living 1/ day, P.w. Kill 1/ month
Immunities (Ex):
Immune to Death effects, 
Cold Resistance 20,

Special Abilities:
(Ex)+4 Natural Armor
(Ex)Dam reduction: 10/ Good

Immortality (Ex): Chosen of Bhaal is naturally immortal and cannot die from natural causes. Chosen do not age, and they do not need to eat or sleep(although they can if they wish, and they still need to rest for replenishing spells etc.) . The only way for a Chosen to die is through special circumstances, usually by being murdered in magical or physical combat.

Undetectable (su): The chosen of Bhaal is aware if someone is attempting to scry him (as per detect scrying spell, automatic with no check needed), and can if he chooses be undetectable to this scrying by winning the opposed caster check (incl. getting the effect of seeing what is the face of the “person” scrying him or her, but not be seen by the scryer itself.) .

Death’s Chosen (Ex): All character levels count as if they were full levels taken in assasin for all assasin class abilities as:
Poison use, Death attack, Spells per day etc.
All dc’s for death attack and spells etc. are done using Intelligence.
(this use of Int. as a base supersedes any other stat used by any other Death Attack etc.)

Death’s Hand (Ex): All times the preparation time for the death attack is reduced to 1 round, and 3 times per day he can even ignore that, and use a standard action to gain his death attack on a sneak he makes.

Mimic (Su): In order to reach somewhere where perhaps disguises would not let the chosen go, the chosen may be able to alter their appearance to match someone whom the chosen has murdered within the last tenday. Then upon taking this disguise the chosen can perfectly emulate the person that they have mimic’d, effictively meaning that the chosen also emulates mannerisms etc. incl. voice. However, the chosen gains no memories and is likely to be caught out in a conversation (something the chosen would obviously avoid).
( in all respects treat the effect as if a Alter self was cast of unlimited duration and of a very specific person’s looks, not an average of a race.)

Call Servant (Su): Once a month the Chosen can summon a Fiendish Invisible Stalker of 12 hitdice to do a task at hand, the duration of the “summoning” lasts for as long as it takes the Invisible Stalker to finish the task given or untill it is impossible to comply this. Even if u are in a following month, u can only have 1 Invisible Stalker active at one time.

Skills (Ex): +10 profane bonus to Move Silent and Hide in shadows and a +4 profane bonus on Intimidate.

Abilities: Increas from the base creature as follows:
+2 str, +2 dex, +6 con, +4 wis.

Challenge Rating: +5

Fiendish Advanced 12-HD Invisible Stalker: CR 10; Large elemental; HD 12d8+24; hp 78; Init +9; Spd 30 ft., fly 30 ft. (perfect); AC 18, touch 14, flat-footed 13; Base Atk +9; Grp +21; Atk +13 melee (2d6+4, slam); Full Atk +13 melee (2d6+4, 2 slams); Space/Reach 10 ft./10 ft.; SA smite good +12; SQ damage reduction 10/magic, darkvision 60 ft., elemental traits, improved tracking, natural invisibility, resistance to cold 10 and fire 10, spell resistance 17; AL LE; SV Fort +6, Ref +13, Will +6; Str 18, Dex 20, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 15, Cha 11.
Skills and Feats: Listen +17, Move Silently +20, Search +17, Spot +17, Survival +2 (+4 following tracks); Combat Reflexes, Improved Grapple, Improved Initiative, Stunning Fist, Weapon Focus (slam).

References of information/ sources used:
Thomas M. Costa’s “PrestigeintheRealms”, “ChosenofBhaal’s” attempt at the same in a previous post on this forum.
The impression given as in the pockets of the Times of troubles and the older 2nd ed. books, Bhaal was never much using magic to gain an advantage, going from his own physical superiority, and i do not think he prefers to do so except against powerfull oponents (other gods and the like),
thats why i did not go heavy on free spells per day, specially not wizards spells (i did give him the assasins bonus spells etc. but this is not a free use, and he must learn and memmorize then as normal).

Undetectable and Mimic i thought were very good thoughts of “ChosenofBhaal” and as such i put him as a reference and thank him for the input.

I did not think the Slayer change was a good abilitie for a chosen, specially when Bhaal is supposed to be alive when a character has this status, i see this ability as a “death-throw”, meaning “Raw and uncontrolled hatred and power of Bhaal” flowing through a mortal, not like a coherent chosens ab..

And Wispering death was simply not a power i associate? (*spelling?) with a god like Bhaal, u kill the target up close and personal to savor it, not afar and impersonal.

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