Chosen of Cyrrollalee

Chosen of Cyrrollalee (Halfing Deity of Fellowship and the Hearthkeeper)
Stat Increases: +4 Cha, +2 Wis, +2 Int

Spell Like Abilities: All Spell Like Abilities are Activated as a Free action.
3/Day: Create Water, Detect Posion, Mending, Prestidigitation, Purify Food and Drink, and Know Direction

1/Day: Endure Elements, Locate Object, Cure Light Wounds and Comprehend Languages

Other Abilities: 
Host’s Sincerity: 
If Completely Sincere, The Chosen Gains a +5 Circumstance Modifier to all Charisma Based Skills and Abilities. All Individuals around the Chosen are at –5 Bluff Checks. This Ability Can Be Activated 1/Week. This is treated as a supernatural Ability and thus there are no saves for this ability because it operates on the Principal of Trust. The Chosen’s Aura projects on or complete trust and trustworthyness. The Penalities because of this ability exist simply because the Chosen become so approachable and trustworthy that the other individuals do not wish to speak lies if they can help it. 

Ring of Friendship: A 40 Foot Radius around the Chosen. Each Ally within that radius, gains the bonus of +4 Vs Fear Checks. Once a Turn as a free action while this ring is activated, the chosen may Split the damage delt to an ally as though the Cleric Spell, Shield Other. All Allies are Protected as though under the Sanctuary Spell. This Ability Lasts a round per Character Level and can only be activated Once a Week. 

Skill Bonuses: +10 To Profession Cook, +10 To Diplomacy, +10 Gather Information

Immunities: All Posions Magical or Mundane and All Diseases Magical or Mundane.

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