Chosen of Garagos

Chosen of Garagos
“The Chosen of Garagos” is a template that can be added to any creature with the ability to rage or has at least 4 levels of Fighter. A Chosen of Garagos uses all the base character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted. A Chosen of Garagos only has its power at the will of Garagos; should The Reaver decide to remove Chosen status from a character, he or she reverts to their old abilities.

Spell-like Abilities: Constant- Endure Elements (Fire, Cold, Acid), Haste. At Will- Confusion, Emotion (Rage). 5/day- Fear, Magic Weapon, Bull’s Strength. 3/day- Bear’s Endurance, Battletide. 1/day- Insanity, Righteous Might

Immunities: The Chosen of Garagos is Immune to aging and is effectively immortal, Poison, Disease, Fatigue, and all enchantment spells that are lower than 4th level

Rage of the Reaver: 1/day per point of charisma the Chosen of Garagos may rage as a 20th level barbarian

Lord of Destruction: The Chosen of Garagos gain a +10 divine bonus on all strength checks made to break objects, and all damage rolls. When sundering a weapon or armor, you ignore all of that weapon’s hardness

Abilities: Str +10, Con +2

CR: +3
LA: +4

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