Chosen of Horus

Chosen of Horus

A Chosen of Horus is a horror to behold to all the undead of the Forgotten Realms. Dedicated to defeating the enemies of Mulhorand as well as hunting down the followers of the dark god Set, these beings are blessed with abilities designed to devastate their foes in combat. Often they are sent on particular quests by their god to avenge particular wrongs noticed by the god of vengeance and war. When not on these quests, they serve as generals of the Mulhorandian army, or at least very high ranked military officers. Their unique understanding of their particular enemies has lead to devastating defeats of the Orcish armies as well as complex plots of the Red Wizard of Thay. When not involved in one of these to activities (which is rare) they appear with the rulers of particular lands as a reassuring presence to the people of Mulhorand showing that they are protected and that wrongs will be ferociously avenged. Like all Paladins of Horus, they can be Chaotic Good, however they must always adhere to the guiding light of Maat, any violation of Maat not only loses the character their Paladin abilities, but very likely their status as a Chosen of Horus. 

Immunities: A Chosen of Horus is immune to aging and does not suffer the effects of aging. The Chosen is also immune to all poisons or diseases. 

Spell Like abilities: Chosen of Horus can use each the following spells a number of times per day as indicated. Caster level = character level Charisma Based.
Constant: Detect Evil, Detect Undead, Protection from Evil 
At will: Dancing Lights, Daylight
Cha modifier/day: Eyes of Fire, Bird of Prey
3/Day: Searing Light, Holy Smite
1/Day: Sun Beam or Sun Burst

Avenger of the Gods: As if the chosen were a ranger, the chosen of Horus gain the following benefits to Undead, any Cleric, minion, or servant of Set, and 1 creature (from the ranger list) of their choice. This selected creature must have, in the life of the Chosen, in some way caused harm that would cause the Chosen to swear vengeance on that group of creatures. Due to Mulhorand history, Red Wizards of Thay and Orcs are common choices. For these three groups the chosen gains the following bonus. +6 to Bluff, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, and Survival skill checks and +6 Damage. The select group can be changed at the god’s will if sufficient justice has been wrought to the first selected group and a new atrocity witnessed by the Chosen demands vengeance. 

Spells of Horus: Regardless of casting class, the Chosen of Horus have the following spells added to their available spell list. 
3rd level: Eyes of Fire (Evocation, Good) 
Duration: Instantaneous
Casting time: Standard action 
Range: 30 yards+10 per level
Area of Effect: 1 creature
Save: Reflex ½
Speaking the word of vengeance, the caster points to a target and a beam of fire emits from the caster’s left eye. A creature struck suffers 1d4 damage per level up to 10d4. Undead and Minions of Set suffer 10d6. This fire can ignite items that are flammable. This is considered a ranged touch attack. 

3th level: Bird of Prey (Evocation)
Duration: 2rounds/level
Casting time: Standard action 
Range: 60 yards+10 per level
Area of Effect: 1 being
Save: None
Summons a Hawk Shaped region of force that hovers above the target. It uses the casters attack base +2 to hit and moves 3 initiatives higher than the caster each round. If it hits it does 2d4+2 damage. This hawk of force can not be damaged by any attack but can be dispelled. It will track the target for the duration of the spell unless a Dimension Door, Teleport, or similar magic is used. Invisibility or obscurement of any kind offers no protection. 

Child of the Sun: Chosen of Horus are immune to the effects of intense heat and sun and have innate fire resistance of 10 that stacks with the effect of any energy resistance spell. Also Spells in the Sun domain cause no damage to the Chosen of Horus. Finally when casting spells that have the Light descriptor or are in the Sun domain the Chosen of Horus casts the spell at +2 level and the area of effect for such spells are doubled. 

Soul of the Sun: Chosen of Horus are immune to Ability and Level damage resulting from negative plane effects (like a vampires touch) delivered by Undead or minions of Set. Other effects that drain abilities or drain levels are still effective. Also damage or effects caused by negative energy based spells or abilities, regardless of source, are reduced by 10 automatically (if damage based) or reduce by 50% if not damaged based (this includes spell effects such as Vampiric Touch). 

Aura of the Sun: By expending one of the Chosen’s turning attempts the Chosen can invoke an Aura of Sunlight (as the Sunlight Spell) that can not be extinguished (though a higher level spell will limit the area of effect to 1ft). This aura has the additional effect of granting the chosen a Sacred Bonus to AC equal to their Charisma modifier vs Undead and Minions (followers, creatures, etc.) of Set. This Aura lasts a number of rounds equal to the Chosen’s charisma modifier. 

Truth of Horus: Chosen of Horus gain Dark vision, and Low light vision. They also ignore e any chance to miss due to darkness. If viewing an object or individual that is openly exposed to the sun’s rays the Chosen can, at will, view that target as if they had a True Seeing (as the spell) active. Sunlight generated due to a spell like ability or spell does not count for the later effect. 

Bonus Feats: Chosen of Horus gain the following feats Greater Turning, Quickened Turning, and Extra Turning feat. 

Form of the God: Chosen of Horus can fly at will. The effect is similar to the Fly spell with no limit to duration. When engaging this ability, white and yellow feathers appear as wings from the Chosen’s arms. These wings are not necessary for flight, however they do improve the maneuverability class generated by the spell by one. 
Also at will, a Chosen of Horus can assume the form of a Giant or normal sized Hawk, in either form the Chosen receive a +6 Sacred Deflection bonus to AC. This is other wise treated as a druid shapechage without the healing benefits. 

Abilities: Str+2, Con +2, Wisdom +4, Charisma +4
Alignment: Any good


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