Chosen of Isis

Chosen of Isis

A Chosen of Isis is the ambassador to the world of the goddess’s good will toward mortals. An unquestioned champion of good, their role is to look after the people of Mulhorand and watch over the family unit as it exists in that society. They can be stern, but are always of a loving heart. Keeping with the best good interpretations of Maat is highly important to the Chosen of Isis. They find harsher interpretations of Maat to be somewhat offensive. Obviously, evil can not be tolerated, a chosen of Isis will bring the full brunt of her powers against an evil opponent unless it would endanger a loved one, or there appears to be hope of redeeming that evil. To date only those female followers of celestial (and preferably noble) blood can become Chosen of Isis. As Isis’s relationship with Mystra, Chauntea, and Sune strengthens, she has become more convinced that purely mortal humans can not handle the strain of being a chosen of the gods, nor should they be expected to. During the Harvest Season, Chosen of Isis and Osiris are often seen walking hand and hand watching over the workers during the long work days. Unlike many nobility they will eat and sleep with the workers. They act as extra guardians during the harvest days as this is a prime time for the enemies of Mulhorand to attack. 

Immunities: A Chosen of Isis is immune to aging and does not suffer the effects of aging. The Chosen is also immune to all poisons or diseases. 

Spells: Like the Chosen of Mystra, Chosen of Isis can cast spells as spell-like abilities. Unlike the Chosen of Mystra, these spells can be selected at the beginning of each day, however, the spell must be have the “Good” descriptor (in the spell descriptor not from enhancement with a feat) or from the spells specific to the Faith of Isis (below). At the time of casting or when preparing spell like abilities for the day a Chosen of Isis may apply any of the flowing metamagic feats to any good (but not the faith particular spells) spell they wish to cast: Empower Spell, Quicken Spell, Enlarge Spell, Extend Spell, Maximize spell. This does cause the spell to act as a higher spell, and thus use up a higher level spell-like ability slot for the day, however the spell level cost is one less than the cost stated in the players hand book for the given feat. If applied at the time of casting the spell effected by the feat takes up both the original spell slot and the higher level spell slot that the enhance spell suddenly occupies. Good spells and the spells particular to Isis can be selected regardless of normal availability. A Druid or Bard that becomes a chosen of Isis could cast clerical good described spells and visa versa. (all good magic is of Isis, she is not picky) . 

Expert good caster: When casting spells (or using spell like abilities) that innately have the good descriptor Chosen of Isis have the following benefits: +2 Caster Level, +2 to save DC , all spell resistances checks made as if the feat Spell Penetration was in use (becomes an addition +2 modifier if the feat is already known). Also, any chosen can always chose a good descriptor spell regardless of class. As an example, a Sorceress who is a Chosen of Isis could select a clerical good spell as one of their known spells without penalty. Any caster regardless of casting type can cast spells from the Good Domain as if it was a domain selected by them as a cleric. They do not however gain additional benefits of having this domain (the above bonuses are superior and do not stack) 

Mistress of Charms: Where as Thoth is the unquestioned Master Craftsman of magical items in Mulhorand, Isis is generally considered the crafter of smaller charms and items that are worn as jewelry, and such magical items are worn by many of the Mulhorand upper class. Earrings, Tattoos, regular non armor cloths, and Rings are examples of items commonly crafted by followers of Isis. Chosen of Isis are blessed with the ability to carry and have effective more such magical items. They can use one extra of each such magical item, such as wear 3 rings and/or have 2 magical earrings, and gain the benefit of the additional item/s. Also, spells that create such effects, like Charm of Isis or Create Magical Tattoo, are not limited to 3 as usual. The Chosen of Isis can create and magically maintain 5 effects (or 2 greater than the normal limit for the given spell). 

Spells of Isis: Regardless of casting class, the Chosen of Isis have the following spells added to their available spell list. 
2nd level: Charm of Isis (Protection, Good)
Duration: 1 Day per level
Casting time: 1 hour
Enchants amulet, talisman, or fetish with a protective charm. This charm provides one of 2 effects. It either provides a +1 deflection bonus to AC or a +1 resistance bonus to all saves per 3 caster levels of the caster. A priest can only have 3 such charms active at a time. 

4th level: Weapon Immunity (Protection)
Duration: 2 rounds/level
Casting Time: Standard action 
This spell protects the priest(ess) from all damage from a particular type of weapon. This includes any enhancement bonus to the weapon might have but not additional damage holy damage or elemental damage such as an acid burst damage. It would include enhancements such as wounding, bane weapon, or vampiric damage. An damage that is not of an energy type is ignored. Monster attacks such as claws and fangs can not be selected for this immunity, it most be a crafted weapon (a forged claw would count for instance).

7th level: Seed Storm
Duration: Instantaneous, special
Range: 60 Range
Casting Time: Standard action 
Area: 5 ft radius plus 5ft radius per level
Save: ½, no
This spell crates an explosion of Seeds. Generally used during the planting season, it can be used in combat as well. Any creature, other than the priest, caught in the area of effect suffers 2d6 plus an an addition 1d6+2 per 4 caster levels (max 7d6 +10). Additional, if the caster desires, she can have the seeds immediately (initiative after the casting is complete) take root and affect those in are of effect as if an entangle spell and a plant growth spell had target the area. This effect act exactly like the Entangle spell except that the DC to escape is 30 instead of 20 due to the sudden density of plant life in the area. If this secondary effect of the spell is used the seeds are no longer useful in planting as the sudden grown expends the seeds potential. 

Mistress of the Sky and Waters: Chosen of Isis are constantly under the effect of an Endure Elements spell. Additionally, Spells of the Storm Domain do not effect the the movement of a Chosen of Isis (including swimming or flying movement), they can move as if the spell was not in effect. Any damage caused by spells in this domain still causes damage. This immunity to the spells named in the storm domain is irregardless of spell source. 

Bonus Feats: Chosen of Isis gain the Purify and Consecrate spell feats and may apply them to any spell or spell-like ability they cast without level penalty. Also as a crafter of magical charms and jewelry Chosen of Isis gain the following a bonus feats: Craft Wondrous Item, Forge Ring, Brew Potion, Craft Tattoo ( makes permanent magical tattoos). 

Form of the Goddess: Chosen of Isis can fly at will. The effect is similar to the Fly spell with no limit to duration. When engaging this ability, blue feathers appear as wings from the Chosen’s arms. These wings are not necessary for flight however they do improve the maneuverability class generated by the spell by one. A Chosen of Isis can also move and breath in water as if it were air, never suffering any penalties for being in water (although this does not improve their swimming skill, that is still personal). Finally, at will, a Chosen of Isis can assume the form of a Giant or normal sized Eagle, in either form the Chosen receive a +6 Sacred Deflection bonus to AC. This is other wise treated as a druid shapechage without the healing benefits. 

Grace of the Goddess: Isis protects her chosen. At the time of receiving this template the Chosen of Isis receives a Sacred bonus to saves equal to their Wisdom Bonus or Charisma bonus (their choice). If they already have such a bonus to do to class ability (such as Paladin levels) this blessing instead acts as a Sacred bonus to AC (again Wisdom or Charisma based). This bonus does increase as the relevant ability increases. 

Abilities: +4 Charisma, +6 Wisdom 
Alignment: Any good


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