Chosen of Lathander

“Chosen of Lathander” is a template that can be added to any humanoid creature. A Chosen of Lathander uses the character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here. A Chosen of Lathander has its power at the will of Lathander, should the Morninglord decide to remove the Chosen status from the character, it reverts back to its original abilities.

Special Qualities: A Chosen of Lathander retains all special qualities of the character and also gains the following.

Bonus Spells (Sp): Constant—Protection from Evil, Endure Elements (fire, cold, electricity). At will—Detect Evil, Detect Undead. 3/day— Daylight, Searing Light, Holy Smite 1/day—Sunray, Sunburst. 1/week—Undeath’s Eternal Foe.

Immunities (Ex): The Chosen of Lathander are immune to aging effects and do not physically age, however, theChosen still dies of old age when her time is up. In addition, a Chosen of Lathander is immune to ability damage and level drain from any manner of attack from an undead creature.

Perpetual Light (Su/Sp): The light of Lathander shines constantly through his Chosen, as a result, a Chosen can see in the dark (darkvision 60ft.) and through any sort of darkness spell. Furthermore, a Chosen of Lathander can dispel any spell with the darkness descriptor as if she had cast greater dispel magic (use character level to determine level based effects).

Bane of Undead (Su): Any weapon wielded by a Chosen of Lathander is treated as if the weapon had the bane undead weapon enhancement, including any weapon normally not able to have this enhancement.

Superior Turning (Su): If the Chosen of Lathander does not posses the ability to turn undead she gains this ability and uses her character level to determine turning effects. Alternatively, if the Chosen of Lathander already posses the ability to turn undead, then the Chosen can turn undead as if 4 levels higher than she already is and uses her character level instead of class level to determine turning effects.

Renewal of Dawn (Su): Once a year, if a Chosen of Lathander dies due to unnatural causes (ex. being slain by an enemy or due to magical spells or effects), then the Chosen will be returned to life in the closest church of the Morninglord as if a true resurrection spell had been cast on him.

Abilities: Increase from the character as follows: Strength +2, Wisdom +4, Charisma +4

Feats: – Extra Turning (Player’s Handbook pg. 94)
Quicken Turning (Complete Divine, pg 84)

A Chosen of Lathander receives these feat even if they do not meet the prerequisites

Climate/Terrain: Same as the character.
Organization: Same as the character.
Challenge Rating: Same as the character +4.
Alignment: Same as the character.
Treasure: Same as the character.
Advancement: Same as the character

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