Chosen of Loviatar

Chosen of Loviatar
Chosen of Loviatar is a template that can be applied to any humanoid creature that has Loviatar for a patron. This template is granted by Loviatar’s wishes, and is subject to removal by her at any time.
Size/Type: The creature’s size and type are unchanged.
Special Attacks: The creature retains all its special attacks, and gains those listed below.
Rain of Lashes (Ex): When wielding two whips, two scourges, or one whip and one scourge, a Chosen of Loviatar gains the benefits of the Two-Weapon Fighting, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, and Greater Two-Weapon Fighting Feats, even if she does not meet their prerequisites. Further, she threatens all squares she can reach and does not provoke attacks of opportunity when making attacks with her whip or scourge. If she can make other special attacks through her whip or scourge, she can make one attack per weapon per round.
Piercing Blow (Su): Any whip or scourge wielded by a Chosen of Loviatar counts as magic, evil, and cold iron for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction only.
Spell-Like Abilities: At will—Nybor’s gentle reminder, sadism; 5/day—mystic lash, Nybor’s mild admonishment; 3/day—fleshshiver, wrack; 1/day—flensing,Nybor’s wrathful castigation. These abilities are used at a caster level equal to the Chosen of Loviatar’s HD; the save DCs are Charisma-based.
Special Qualities: The creature retains all of its special qualities, and gains those listed below.
Chosen traits: A Chosen of Loviatar gains resistance 10 to acid, cold, electricity, fire, and sonic; immunity to disease, poison, and pain (that is, the debilitating effects of pain, such as from a symbol of pain); darkvision 60 ft., and low-light vision. She is immortal, which means that she does not die of old age, etc.
Shield of Pain (Su): A Chosen of Loviatar may choose to gain a deflection bonus to AC of up to her Cha bonus (min +1). However, for each point of AC added in this way, any normal melee attacks that hit the chosen deal an extra +1 damage. Alternately, the Chosen may choose to gain DR X/–, where X is any number up to her Cha bonus (min. 1). However, in this case she also takes a –X penalty to her AC. Activating this ability is a free action, as is changing its mode or the amount of bonus gained.
Abilities: Str +4, Wis +4, Cha +4
CR: +4
Alignment: LE, LN, or NE

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