Chosen of Moradin

Chosen of Moradin“ is a template that can be added to any dwarf (referred to thereafter as the „character“). Moradin can remove the chosen status from the character at any time, should the character no longer live according to the teachings of the Soulforger. There is only one Chosen of Moradin at a time.

Special Qualities: A Chosen of Moradin retains all special qualities of the character and also gains the following.
Spell-like abilities: at will: detect chaos, detect evil, detect metals and minerals, detect secret doors; 5/day: enlarge person (self only), shape metal, silver beard, stone shape; 3/day: meld into stone, stone tell; 1/day: iron body, righteous might, stone skin; 1/tenday: elemental swarm (earth only), maw of stone; If the character is a cleric, he also gains the ability to cast spells from the dwarf domain as regular cleric spells, not just domain spells.
Iron Mind: A Chosen of Moradin is the embodiment of dwarven stubbornness. He gains immunity to fear and mind-effecting spells and effects. Dwarven allies within 20 feet of a Chosen of Moradin gain a +4 sacred bonus on saves against such spells and effects.
Toughness of Stone: A Chosen of Moradin’s body is best described as rock solid: He gains damage reduction /- equal to his constitution bonus.
Fires of the Soulforge: A Chosen of Moradin has mystical bond with the Soulforge, from which Moradin created the dwarven people. Any warhammer wielded by a Chosen of Moradin temporarily gains the flaming special ability and counts as magic weapon for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction (it loses these qualities when it leaves the character’s grasp), furthermore he gains fire resistiance 5 and a sacred bonus of +10 on any craft (armor smithing and weapon smithing) checks.
Thunder Blessing: Any offspring of a Chosen of Moradin are born as identical or fraternal twins with the thunder twin feat.
Immunities: A Chosen of Moradin gains immunity against poison and disease. He also takes no ability score penalties for aging and cannot be magically aged. He still dies of old age when his time is up.
Special attacks: A chosen of Moradin retains all special attacks of the character and gains also gains the following.
Smite (Su): A Chosen of Moradin may attempt to smite the enemies of the dwarven race: duergar, drow, giants and orcs. He adds his constitution bonus to the attack and deals one point of extra damage per character level. If he accidentally smites a creature that is not of the specified types, the smite has no effects, but the attempt is still used up. He may use this ability a number of times per day equal to his constitution bonus.
Saves: same as the character
Abilities: Increase from the character as follows. Strength +4 Constitution +6
Skills: See Fires of the Soulforge
Feats: A chosen of Moradin gains Craft Magic Arms and Armor as a bonus feat
Climate/Terrain: Same as the character
Organization: Same as the character
Alignment: Lawful Good
Challenge Rating: Same as the character +4

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