Chosen of Nerull

Chosen of Nerull

The Chosen of Nerull are few and far between. Rarely does Nerull decide a mortal is worth being given the honor of being his chosen. This explains the reason why no living chosen are known. Though a few liches are suspected to be chosen, nothing has been confirmed. The main reason being that few people care to go see a lich in person, and few liches are sociable enough to have a conversation with the would-be intruders.
Chosen of Nerull seek power and control above all else. They are masters of deception, trickery, torture and betrayal. They do not fear death, but they get great pleasure from the deaths of others, especially their foes. Death is the only beauty in their lives, and the love beautiful things. 

Each Chosen (if any) have the following chosen abilities in common:

Bonus Spells (Sp): While Nerull is focused on death, he encourages magic that kills, causes pain, suffering, trickery, or betrayal. His chosen gain one bonus spell of each spell level 1st through 9th once per day, which is used as a spell-like ability. Once selected these spells can never be changed. Save DCs for these spells are Charisma Based.

Spell Immunity (Su): Chosen are immune to one spell of each spell level 1st through 9th, just as the spell immunity spell but constantly in effect. Once chosen these spell can never be changed.

Immunities (Ex): Immune to disintegration. They have no need for sleep (but still must sleep to recall spells they must prepare).

Feats: The Chosen of Nerull gains the following feats; Weapon Profiency (Scythe), Weapon Focus (Scythe), and one of the following feats: Contagious Paralysis, Empowered Ability Damage, Endure Sunlight, or Improved Turn Resistance.

Betraying Eyes (Su): The Chosen can, with a glance, cause an opponent meeting his gaze to betray his comrades and attack the nearest ally. The target of the gaze must make a successful Will save to prevent betraying his friends. There is no time frame involved and the target will continue to attack friends until the effect is removed by a Wish, Miracle, or divine intervention. While under the effect of this ability the target takes pleasure in the evil acts he commits. So much so that his alignment changes as if under the influence of the morality undone spell until he is cured. After destroying every ally in sight, the target will continue to destroy everything he loves in the world. Be it family, or simply someone who buys him a drink or acts kindly toward him. This ability can only be used once a week. The save DC is (10 + Charisma Mod)

Deadly Mist (Su): The Chosen can, twice a week, create a maroon and purple nimbus of mist around himself starting at 5ft radius and expanding 10ft a round for a number of rounds equal to his Charisma modifier (maximum 100ft radius). This mist provides 25% concealment to the chosen, but curses all others within. Those within the mist, other then the chosen, take 2d6 negative damage a round and have a -5 profane penalty to all rolls and checks (no save). The foes within the fog can only move at half speed. If any enemies die within the fog as they instantly are returned to life as Quell under the Chosen’s control. This ability lasts a number of rounds equal to the Chosen’s Charisma modifier.

Legion of the Reaper (Su): Once a year the Chosen can summon an army of undead to his aid. Upon activation of this ability the ground shakes, and hoard of various undead rise from the ground. The undead summoned are decided upon casting of the power and does not have to be all of the same type. This ability raises four times the Chosen’s HD worth of undead. They remain under the Chosen’s control until destroyed and do not count toward his normal limit of undead under his control.

Skills: All Chosen gain a +10 profane bonus to Hide, Move Silently, Intimidation, Bluff and Sense Motive

Abilities: All Chosen gain +6 Wisdom and +6 Charisma
Challenge Rating: +5

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