Chosen of Sharess

Chosen of Sharess

Creating a Chosen of Sharess
“Chosen of Sharess” is a template that can be added to any humanoid creature. A Chosen of Sharess uses all the base character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted. A Chosen of Sharess only has its power at the will of Sharess; should the Feline of Felicity decide to remove Chosen status from a character, she reverts to their old abilities.

Special Qualities: Chosen of Sharess retain all their special qualities. In addition they gain the following:

Feline Form (SQ): A Chosen of Sharess can assume the form of a medium sized house cat (treat as a leopard). For all intents and purposes, treat this ability as a druid’s Wildshape ability, with the following differences: The Chosen may only assume the form of a feline of medium size, and their druid level is equal to their character level.

Bonus Spells (Sp): At will- Charm Person, Command. 5/day – Charm Monster, Magic Fang, Suggestion. 3/day – Eagle’s Splendor, Cat’s Grace, Sharess’s Kiss. 1/day – Mass Charm Monster, Greater Command, Summon Monster VI (Celestial Dire Lioness only).

Immunities (Ex): A Chosen of Sharess is immune to Enchantment Spells or effects, and Disease. She is also immune to aging, does not age, and is effectively immortal.

Seductive Aura (Su): A Chosen of Sharess is very compelling, and when she wishes to, no one can resist her wiles. When a Chosen of Sharess turns her attention to a humanoid with the intention of seducing them, they must make a Will save DC 20, or go where ever the Chosen wishes to consumate the seduction. Additionally, the target can chose not to make a saving throw. However, this will not change the innate sexuality of the target humanoid, and thus, unless the target has forgone a save, the seduction will automatically fail if the gender of the Chosen is “incompatiable” with the sexuality of the target, though there will be no hard feelings towards the Chosen for the attempt.

Friend of Felines (Ex): A Chosen of Sharess may communicate with any feline creature. All good and neutrally aligned felines are helpful, and treat the Chosen as an ally. Evil aligned felines are at least indifferent towards the Chosen.

Feats: Chosen of Sharess recieve Exotic Weapon Proficency: Claw Bracer, and Weapon Finess.
Skills: Chosen of Sharess recieve a +4 Bonus to Profession (Courtesan), and Perform (Sexual Techniques), and a +2 Bonus to to Move Silently, and Hide.
Abilities: Chariama +6, Wisdom +2, Dexterity +4 
Alignment: Chosen of Sharess are usually CG, though they must be within one step of Sharess.

Sharess’s Kiss (Charm) [Mind-Affecting]

Level: Clr 3, Brd 4
Components: S, DF
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Target: One humanoid creature
Duration: see text
Saving Throw: Will negates
Spell Resistance: Yes

You smile at the young man seductively, and lean in to place a gentle kiss on his cheek. At the touch of your lips, he shudders as pleasure overwhelms him.

The kiss of Sharess is said to give overwhelming pleasure. This spell emulates a fraction of the Dancing Lady’s bliss, causing the target to become overwhelmed with sensation. The target becomes fatigued, and is dazed for 1 round.

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