Chosen of the Triad

Chosen of the Triad

The Chosen of Triad is a template that can be applied to any humanoid of Lawful Good alignment whom all three deities of the Triad favor and whose character level (not ECL) is no less than 10. If one or more of the gods of the Triad (Torm, Tyr or Ilmater) ever come to regard the Chosen as abusive or contrary to the power and responsibility given to him, the template will be removed and the now former-Chosen will either be killed or lose three character levels, depending on the severity of the transgression. The Chosen has all racial and class abilities he possessed before becoming Chosen as well as the following:

Spell-like abilities:
Constant: Endure Elements, Protection from Evil, Mind Blank
At Will: Detect Evil, Detect Chaos, Break Enchantment
3/day: Smite Evil, Restoration, Glory of the Martyr
2/day: Atonement, True Seeing, Greater Heroism
1/day: Greater Sword and Hammer, Holy Word, Hallow
1/wk: Geas/Quest, Resurrection, Discern Location
*The spell DC’s are Charisma-based. Caster Level equals ½ HD.

Ability Increase: +4 Cha, +6 Wis, +6 Dex

Feats: The Chosen of the Triad gains the Endurance, Leadership and Improved Unarmed Strike feats if he does not already have them.

Immunities (Ex): The Chosen of the Triad gains immunities to disease, poison, disintegration, negative energy (as it pertains to reducing ability scores and/or character and class levels), and cannot be magically aged. 

Threefold Defense (Ex): The Chosen of the Triad gains the following: Damage Reduction of 12/-; Spell Resistance of 10 + the Chosen’s Constitution score; and a Sacred bonus to AC equal to the Chosen’s Charisma modifier.

Threefold Skill Boost (Ex): The Chosen of the Triad gains a +15 Sacred bonus to the following skills: Concentration, Heal, and Sense Motive.

Ilmater’s Touch (Su): The Chosen does an additional 2d8 points of damage when using an unarmed attack. The damage can be non-lethal if the Chosen wishes.

Torm’s Hand (Su): The Chosen gains the Lay-on-Hands ability if he does not already have it. The number of HP the Chosen may heal per day is equal to: 10 + charisma modifier x character level.

Tyr’s Decree (Su): The Chosen gains the ability to Turn Undead if he did not already have it. The Chosen may Turn Undead a number of times per day equal to 5 + his Charisma modifier, and he gains +5 Sacred bonus to all turn checks (this bonus may stack with the +2 bonus granted by having 5 or more ranks in Knowledge [Religion]).

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