Chosen of Thoth

Chosen of Thoth

A Chosen of Thoth is tasked with spreading the will, wisdom and skill that is the dogma of Thoth. Much more so than other chosen, they are creators of the god’s ideology in the mortal world. Spreading and collecting Knowledge, finding out new ways to create items, and actively combating the Red Wizards of Thay are all part of their every day life. Unlike most Clerics and Wizard that claim Thoth as their patron, the Chosen of Thoth are very active. Their goals are to go find new magic and new crafting skills by experiencing the world not researching though existing texts. Red Wizards of Thay are known to actively seek to kill Chosen of Thoth due to their ability counter their magic regardless of class or apparent preparedness. Most Chosen of Thoth represent a certain aspect of the gods continuing understanding. Wizards/Clerics are not uncommon, but Cleric/Monks and Wizard/Rogues are not uncommon as well as Thoth expands his options as to how knowledge is attained. 
Rogues that follow Thoth generally are focused on countering the mercantile expansion of the Red Wizards of Thay and act as scouts for the more militant Monk/Wizard or Monk/Clerics. If Thoth feels a particular action of the Red Wizards truly is a threat to Mulhorand, he will send a trio of Chosen to deal with it, one will be dual classed Cleric/Wizard, one chosen will have Rogue skills, another a Monk. Few Red Wizard conclaves have survived such attention. 

Immunities: A Chosen of Thoth is immune to aging and does not suffer the effects of aging. The Chosen is also immune to all poisons or diseases. 

Spells: Like the Chosen of Mystra, Chosen of Thoth can cast spells as spell-like abilities. Unlike the Chosen of Mystra, these spells can not be just any arcane spell. Instead, the Chosen of Thoth first gains access to all of Thoth’s Available domains and the benefits of each: 
Craft: You cast creation spells at +1 level and gain Skill Focus (+3 bonus) in a Craft Skill of the Chosen’s choice. 
Knowledge: All Knowledge skills are added to your class skill list. Also Divine Spells are cast at +1 Level 
Magic: Use Scrolls, Wands and other Devices with Spell Completions or Triggers as a Wizard at one half the Chosen’s Cleric level. If already a Wizard, this ability reverses into being able to use Clerical magical items. 
Rune: Scribe Scroll as a bonus feat
Spell: +2 on Concentration and Spell Craft checks. 
Wizards who are chosen gain the ability to cast any spells in these domains as Wizard Spells. 
Chosen of Thoth, at the time of receiving this template, select one spell of every level (1-9) from among those available in these domains that can from then on be cast as a spell like ability once per day. These selections can be changed by the cleric or wizard at the beginning of each day (If Thoth allows it) but the spell at each level must be from one of Thoth’s Domains or one of the Spells (below) particular to his faith. A character that is not a cleric or wizard that gains this template can never change their spells once selected. 

The Scholar: Chosen of Thoth are constantly under the effect of the following spells Read Magic, Read Southern Magic, and the Comprehend Languages spells. 

Spell Foresight: A chosen of Thoth can attempt to couterspell without having to prep spells in advance. At any time before they act in a given round, they can default to counter spelling any caster. Additional, if trying to couterspell a spell cast by a Red Wizard of Thay, they can use any spell of an equivalent level, to attempt to couterspell that spell and get a +4 to any rolls involved in the attempt. 

Spells of Thoth: Regardless of casting class, the Chosen of Thoth have the following spells added to their available spell list. 
1st Level: Speak with Birds (Divination)
Duration: 2 rounds/level
Casting time: Standard Action
Area of Effect: All Avians 30 ft radius
This spell allows the priest to comprehend and communicate with any normal or giant avian that is not mindless. This has no effect on the attitude the avian has on the caster. If the general alignment of the avian match’s the caster, the caster can request a favor of the avian

2st Level: Inscribe Speech (Alteration)
Duration: 1 rounds/level
Range: 3 Yards
Casting time: Standard Action
Area of Effect: Special
This spell inscribes on piece of paper, papyrus, or something similar any words the caster speaks. These are not innately magic, however if the material components and the words of the spell are cast this will allow for someone with the Scribe Spell feat to create a Scroll without actually writing anything. At the caster’s discretion, the scroll or text can be rendered immune to the Read Magic spell and can not be used without a Decipher Script skill check (difficulty equals caster level+int bonus +10). 

3th level: Detect Curse (Divination)
Duration: 1 rounds/level
Range: 10 Yards
Casting Time: Standard action 
Allows the caster to detect curses on individuals and items within 10 yards of the caster. At 12th level a caster of this spell can discern what caused the curse with a Spellcraft check. This does not detect Lycanthropy, or items designed to do harm instead of being actually cursed. Also this spell sees through concealment magic of 3rd level or less in power. 

4th Level: Flock of Birds
Duration: 2 rounds/level
Range: 120 yards
Casting Time: Standard action 
Area: 30ft diameter sphere
Save: None
Not a favorite of Druids, this spell summons a dense flock of ordinary birds (there must be birds in the environment for the spell to function). The birds obscure vision (as obscurement spell). If the caster is 11th level or higher he can cause the birds to attack any one being in the area of effect dealing damage equal to 1d2 plus 1 per 4 caster levels of the caster. Invisibility and Protection from Normal Missiles does not protect the target from the birds. These birds are not immune to damage at all however. A single Fireball or similar area effect spell can destroy an entire flock if it does at least 3 points of damage (after saves). 

5th Level: Shatter Circle
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: 10 yards +10/level
Casting Time: Standard action 
Area: Special 
Save: Special
This spell shatters the Circle spell often used by the Red Wizards of Thay. When cast the Circle’s focus must make a Will save or the Circle is shattered and all spells focused in the Circle are lost. This spell likewise disrupts other attempts at cooperative magic (always use the highest level caster for the save). The DC save for this spell is modified by +1 for every 4 caster levels the spell caster possesses. 

6th level: Resist Magic 
Duration: 1min/level
Range: 0
Casting Time: Standard action 
Area: Caster
Save: None
Grants 12+1 per level spell resistance to all spells. If the spell is cast by a Red Wizard of Thay, this spell grants 12 +2 per level spell resistance. 

8th level: Turn Back the Page (formally Time Warp) 
Duration: Instantaneous
Range: 0
Casting Time: Standard action 
Area: 1 creature
Save: None
Sends one creature back in time with a maximum range of 2 minutes, turning back one page in the great book of Thoth. The target keeps full knowledge of how events had just occurred and is instantly transported to exactly where they were 2 minutes (or less) ago. This grants the target, and those who might have been attacking the target, new saves, new attacks, new damage rolls etc. Only the target and those interacting with the target are effected by the spell, though only the target and the caster (if not the target) are aware that events are re-occurring. 

Master Craftsmen: All experience point costs for crafting magical items are halved for the Chosen of Thoth.

Bonus Feats: Chosen of Thoth gain a great number of feats needed for crafting magical items. If they already have one of these feats, the bonus doubles (or +4 to related skill check for crafting that type of item) . The following are Bonus Feats for the Chosen of Thoth: Brew Potion, Scribe Scroll, Craft Rod, Craft Staff, Craft Wand, Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Craft Wondrous Item, Forge Ring, Craft Scepter, Inscribe Rune, Craft Tattoo. 

Form of the God: Chosen of Thoth can fly at will. The effect is similar to the Fly spell with no limit to duration. When engaging this ability, perfect Owl feathers grow as wings from the Chosen’s arms. These wings are not necessary for flight, however they do improve the maneuverability class generated by the Fly spell by one. Also at will, a Chosen of Thoth can assume the form of a Giant or normal sized Eagle, in either form the Chosen receive a +6 Sacred Deflection bonus to AC. This is other wise treated as a druid shapechage without the healing benefits. 

Abilities: +6 Intelligence, +4 Wisdom (unlike the normal rules, Chosen of Thoth gain retroactive skill points per level for the increase in intelligence, +3 skill points per level that provides skill points, when gaining this template)

Alignment: Any Neutral


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