Chosen of Tymora

Chosen of Tymora

A Chosen of Tymora is the living embodiment of the Lady of Luck, sharing her friendliness and grace, as well as her good nature. The Chosen are full of risks, but aren’t reckless as they the know Tymora will ensure they live a long, eventful life. Tymora chooses only her best and brightest worshipers to become her Chosen, commissioning them to spread good luck throughout the width of the Realms. One of the key goals of the Chosen of Tymora is to hunt down the followers of Beshaba, and to help halt her spreading of bad luck.
As the number 7 is considered lucky by many, Tymora can have up to 7 Chosen at any particular time. As well, the Chosen are commonly women. The identities of Tymora’s current Chosen are unknown.

Chosen of Tymora 

Immunities: A Chosen of Tymora is immune to aging and does not suffer the effects of aging. The Chosen is also immune to all poisons or diseases. 

Aura of Luck: A Chosen of Tymora can create a Lucky Aura a number of time per day equal to her Charisma modifier. Any ally within this aura receives a +2 to any saves, attacks, or skill checks made. The Aura of Luck lasts for a number of rounds equal to 5 plus the Chosen’s charisma modifier. The aura extends for 20ft around the Chosen and does effect the chosen as well. 

Good Fortune: 5/day the Chosen may re-roll any roll they may have made and failed.

Luck of the Lady: 3/day the Chosen can automatically succeed at one saving throw, regardless of the difficulty.

Lucky Strike: 3/day the Chosen can automatically succeed at one attack. A roll can still be made to determine whether or not it is a critical. 

Divine Grace: The Chosen gains a bonus equal to her charisma modifier on all of her saving throws.

Tymora’s Guidance : The Chosen of Tymora automatically gains the Initiate of Tymora Feat. Instead of 1time per day roll a d6 at the beginning of each day. What ever the result is dictates how many times per day each the following can be used. 
1. Add +5 luck bonus to any attack roll, save, skill check, or ability check. This must be done before the DM declares whether or not the roll results in success or failure. 
2. Cast Fleeting Fortune
3. Cast Favor of Tymora
If the Chosen does not already have access to the Luck Domain they automatically gain it (and its innate benefit). Chosen of Tymora can also default to any spell in the Luck Domain much like a Cleric normally would for healing magic. If the Chosen is a Cleric they can chose to default to healing magic or a spell from the luck domain. 

Take a Chance: Tymora looks after her Chosen, but not too much. Chosen of Tymora can sacrifice spell levels in an attempt to randomly get a spell from the goddess, usually from the Luck domain, that she would find useful. This can be done in 1 of 2 ways. 
1. The Chosen selects a spell available to one of the domains available to Tymora., then sacrifices a number of spell levels equal to the level of the needed spell. The GM then rolls a 10 sided die, if the number rolled equals or exceeds the desired spell, the spell is cast as if from the Chosen. If not, fate has not smiled upon the Chosen, the levels are lost and nothing happens. The chosen can decide to double or even triple their odds by paying double or triple the cost in spell levels. In which case the GM rolls 2 or 3 10 sided dice and takes the best result. A “zero” counts as a 10 for this roll.
2. The chosen can also take a chance on whatever effect they wish and sacrifice however many spell levels they feel they need and state a desired effect (need not even be a spell description). The GM interprets Tymora’s sense of humor about the situation and may or may not follow the desired effect but something will happen. The number of spell levels sacrificed determines how dramatic the effect will be and how close to the desired effect the reaction will be (count it as 5% per spell level sacrificed if a guide is needed toward having a target spell achieved, if it is missed then a lesser equivalent spell type occurs), but with this option something (often funny) will always happen. 

Abilities: Charisma +10

Alignment: CG or NG 

CR: +4

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