Chosen of Waukeen 

Chosen of Waukeen 
Obligations: All Chosen of Waukeen must have some sort of business.  They do not have to manage the business personally so long as they continually invest gold into it.   Ninety percent of the bussiness’ profits must be reinvested in the business, used to fund a new business, or for philanthropy.

Part 1
Master Appraiser: Automatically knows the value of any object. 
Spell-Like Abilities: The Chosen of Waukeen gain spell-like Abilities each level that make it easier to travel and trade. These spells are useable once per day and their DC is Charisma based.
1. Message
2. Comprehend Languages
3. Locate Object
4. Zone of Truth
5. Tongues
6. Suggestion
7. Dimension Door
8. Glibness 
9. Leomund’s Secret Chest
10. Teleport
11. Mislead
12. Mass Suggestion
13. Phase Door
14. Greater Teleport
15. Discern Location
16. Demand
17. Teleportation Circle
18. Freedom
19. Refuge
20. Gate
Part 2
Attribute Increases: +4 Cha, +2 Int, +2 Wis
Immunities: Disease and Poison
No Longer Need to Sleep
Part 3
Speed: Speed equals that of a Monk of the same character level.
Fast Talker: Once per day you may reroll any failed Diplomacy, Bluff or Intimidate check.
Immunities: Disentegration
No Longer Need to Eat or Drink
Part 4
Immunities: All Mind Altering Effects
No Longer Age or Need to Breath Air 
Waukeen’s Pillar of Gold (Sp): Calls down a pillar of molten gold surrounded in a rotating helix of gold coins.  The spell is identical to the Flame Strike spell except it breaks through any barriers including magical barriers and spell resistance automatically.  This spell-like ability is useable once every 70 minutes.

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