Chosen template for Lathander

Chosen template for Lathander that I created for my Campaign. Since the campaign is based in Chessenta where Lathander is strong, I have patterned the template after Greek ideas. Chessenta reminds me most of Greece in climate, resources, and temperment. Hope it gives someone some ideas. For those who don’t remember, Lathander the Morning Lord is the God of Spring, Dawn, Birth, Renewal, Creativity, Youth, Vitality, Self-Perfection, and Athletics.

Eternal Sustenance – The chosen’s body renews itself every morning as the first ray of the morning sun touches his skin. This power only applies if the chosen is above ground and witnesses the morning’s dawn.

This ability makes the chosen young again, reversing both the positive and negative effects of aging. The chosen will age naturally from that point on but the effect can be renewed the next day. 

The chosen’s body is also replenished in the morning sustaining him with lifegiving nurishment. This is equivelent to a full day’s food and water. The chosen may still get hungry and thirsty during the day but the morning substenance is enough to survive on for the day.

Perfection of Mind and Body – A chosen of Lathander must be the ideal man: an athlete, a scholar, an artist, and a soldier. To simulate this, a chosen gets +4 to all stats.

Undead Nemesis – Fueled by the positive energy of the sun, the chosen is a dedicated foe of all undead. No special ability from an undead (mummy rot, strength drain, energy drain, etc) will work on the chosen although the chosen is still vulnerable to melee and spell attacks. Any weapon or armor used by the chosen is concidered a ghost touch item but only against undead creatures, other incorporeal creatures are not affected.

Duplicate the Dawn – The chosen can cast the spell daylight as a supernatural ability a number of times per day equal to the chosen’s wisdom bonus (minimum of 1/day).

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