Glassap Sap

Glassap: Knowledge(Nature or Arcane) DC 25: The sap of the Glassap tree is filled with tiny slivers of silica that can be magically attuned. If a half pint of sap from the Glassap tree is ingested, it causes 1d20 internal damage per hour for three hours. Knowledge (Nature or Arcane) DC 30: If the sap is ingested in a solution of 50% alcohol, it causes 1d3 internal damage per minute for 3 hours, per pint of alcohol-Glassap solution. If a spell is cast by the imbiber about 30 minutes after imbibing a pint of the solution, the glass slivers fuse to the insides of the caster and are permanently attuned to the spell. The caster has a permanent loss of 1d3 HP. The spell becomes a once-per day Spell-Like Ability. XP cost to create the SLA: 1000 times the spell level, times any XP cost of the spell, times any material cost of the spell (5gp = 1xp). The total number of spell levels of SLAs that can be acquired by the use of Glassap is equal to the caster level. Knowledge(Nature or Arcane) DC 35: If more than one spell is cast while imbibing Glassap, only one SLA can possibly be created, and the effects can be detrimental or useless. There is a 30% chance that one of the spells cast will become the SLA (picked at random), a 60% chance that the spells will mutate into a single SLA (effects determined by the DM based on the spells involved), and a 10% chance of creating no SLA at all.(edited)
A naturally-occurring substance. Not sure what monetary value to give it. I thought you might have a good idea for that.

500gp per half pint.

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