Guardian Book

The new artifact has just entered play in the campaign. This is a large book with a single page that is attached to the back cover. The book has a surface area of 2 foot by 2 foot. It just barely fits into a backpack with a LOT of effort. The book is a semi-sentient artifact that has the ability to think along the lines on how to protect its master. Each page in the book may hold a spell. A spell is added to the page by casting the spell onto the page directly.

The book may then cast the spell in the defense of its master but only if the spell will in some way directly protect its master. It cares nothing for its master’s party, family, familiars, or lovers. It is unaware of its master’s needs, wishes, hopes, dreams, morals, or personality. It does not take orders or even act as if it’s aware it has been given orders.

Each time it casts A spell, it gains experience equal to the spell level multiplied by 100. It levels using the same experience values a player character does. Each time it gains A level, it gains an additional page. The book is free to act completely outside of initiative order.

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