Hillain “The Black” Tatafer

Hillain “The Black” Tatafer, the pretender king of Southport, who styled himself “Hillain the Third, de jure king of Southport,”was a notorious villain from Outport history. Carlain had fled to Outport in 2489 MR, along with the rest of the house of Carmichael, after his father (Carlain V) was deposed from the throne of Southport for siding with the losing faction in the Dragon War. Hillain the Black (so named for the black dragon mantle he wore) disappeared from the world stage for 40 years. He reemerged in 2529 MR, long after his father’s death and in the middle of a Southport succession crisis. Hillain claimed to be a Chosen of Tiamat and the legitimate ruler of Southport. He attempted to rally Tiamat’s followers and Carmichael loyalists in a bid to seize the throne, but failed. His body was never found, but it was said at the time that Hillain was killed by magic in the coup attempt. Southport’s rulers, convinced that Outport had officially supported Hillain, launched a series of retaliatory strikes against its neighbor. Relations between the neighbors were damaged for a generation. Rumors of sightings of Hillain the Black have surfaced over the centuries, and several thieves and pirates have taken the title. The Carmichael heirs (through Hillain’s younger brother Tristan) later denounced him as a fraud (the family said that he was a powerful wizard, but never a Chosen of the dragon god; they also officially renounced Tiamat in 2540). Today the Carmichael descendants are most noted for their charitable works and their support of the temple of Siamorphe in Outport. They do their best publicly to play down their connection to the ancient villain.

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