Sack of Trafficking

Sack of Trafficking Upgrades
Holding Lvl Max Wt Feels Like Vol Limit Value
0 8 lbs 0.5 lbs 1 cu ft 200 gp
1 16 lbs 1 lbs 2 cu ft 400 gp
2 32 lbs 5 lbs 4 cu ft 800 gp
3 64 lbs 10 lbs 8 cu ft 1600 gp
4 128 lbs 15 lbs 16 cu ft 3200 gp
5 256 lbs 20 lbs 32 cu ft 6400 gp
6 512 lbs 25 lbs 64 cu ft 12800 gp
7 1024 lbs 35 lbs 128 cu ft 25600 gp
8 2048 lbs 45 lbs 256 cu ft 51200 gp
Sack of Trafficking

The sack appears to be an ordinary Bag of Holding, but will only hold living creatures. The sack will not accept any creature wearing equipment, armor, or other items. Creatures enter a state of timelessness when placed in the sack. Time does not exist for them, and they have no physical needs until they are removed from the sack. Removing a creature from the sack is identical to the action for a Bag of Tricks. That is, a small ball (covered in the skin type of the creature) is pulled out and thrown up to 20′; it turns into the creature. If the sack is destroyed, any creatures within are immediately released. When a creature is placed in the sack, the opening of the sack will expand to envelope the creature, up to the current volume limit of the bag. Increasing the capacity of the sack is a Craft (Leatherworking) task and follows the normal crafting rules with the following exceptions:

1. The previous value of the sack is subtracted from the new value of the sack, when calculating crafting time.

2. Up to half of the cost of crafting an upgrade can be spent with XPs, at the rate of 1xp = 5gp.

A creature which is placed in the sack unwillingly (without its consent) may have its disposition lowered by 1 step toward the owner of the sack. The DC for an unconsenting creature is the creature’s Int or Wis (whichever is higher), and roll is a simple d20 (without modifiers); if the roll does not exceed the DC, the creature’s disposition is lowered by 1 step toward the current owner of the sack when the creature is removed. (So one person can capture an animal, put it in the sack without its permission, and the next person to remove the creature will be blamed by the creature for its momentary confinement; it will only have awareness of what happened just before and just after being held, but a smart enough creature may be upset).

Consent can be obtained with a disposition of friendly or higher (via Diplomacy for creatures with Int of 3 or higher) toward the owner, or by a Push action (Handle Animal DC 25) for creatures with Int 1 or 2, or with the Stay or Heel trick for trained animals.

Creature weight and volume by size may be found here.

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