Seraph of Madness

Seraph of Madness (Or Illusion/Intrigue, if you prefer)

“Seraph of Madness” is a template that can be added to any humanoid creature. A Seraph of Madness uses the character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here. A Seraph of Madness only has its power at the will of Cyric; should the Prince of Lies decide to remove the Seraph’s status from the character, they revert to their normal abilities. A character of any class can be elevated to this status, but the most likely candidates are either bards, clerics, or sorcerers. There can only be three Seraphs of Madness at any given time.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil or Chaotic Neutral

Special Qualities: A Seraph of Madness has all the special abilities of the character and gains the following.

Immunities: A Seraph of Madness is immune to aging (natural or accelerated), all mind affecting, compulsion, and paralysis based effects. The Seraph cannot be locked into a form that they do not wish to maintain, but must shift their appearance at least once every six hours to avoid the onset of fatigue, which they are otherwise immune to, and have no control over how their form shifts while unconscious or dreaming.

Bonus Spells (Sp): At Will- Silent Image, Ventriloquism; Constant- Misdirection; Three Times per day- Enthrall, Hypnotic Pattern, Mirror Image, Modify Memory; Once per day- Blink, Eyebite, False Image, Veil

Shattered Mirror (Ex): The Seraph gains the ability to warp their features with great subtlety or piercing resonance, at their whims or by sheer reflex. For the Seraph, appearance becomes as mutable as light and contrast. 
As a free action, the Seraph may tailor their visage as per the spell Alter Self, or direct their visage to coil and refract as a host of dissonant aspects. This latter application of the ability forces those who witness it to make a Will save (DC: 20 + the Seraph’s Charisma modifier) to avoid becoming dazzled and shaken while their eyes remain upon the Seraph’s fractured mien. Naturally, this ability can only effect those who rely on their sense of sight.
When not in a state of flux, the Seraph’s expressions are eerily still or confoundingly oblique if they are not subdued, wreaking havoc on all attempts to gauge the Seraph’s intentions by appearance or inflection. All Sense Motive checks against the Seraph suffer a -10 circumstance penalty.

Blood-Wraith’s Grin (Su): Through continued focus and fervent invocation, taking no actions or moving no more than five feet per round for three rounds, the Seraph may invoke the dread aspect of their patron god before the eyes of a chosen target. To this creature, the Seraph becomes a horror of shrieking wind and undulating flesh, threads of congealed blood and jagged hoarfrost bristling along their shoulders, arms, and neck. 
The target must make a Will saving throw (DC: 10 + the Seraph’s character level + the Seraph’s charisma modifier) lest the trauma of facing this grim spectre still their heart. Should they successfully resist this ability, they merely suffer as though subject to a Ghost’s corrupting gaze.
This is an illusory and fear-based attack, and can be resisted accordingly. Only sentient beings are viable targets for this ability. This ability occurs as a melee touch attack and may be used on anyone within range so long as it is used immediately after the three rounds. The Seraph can use this ability against the Panicked or Insane with no preparation as a full-round action.

Traitor’s Hymn (Su): Lies and false endearment roll effortlessly off the Seraph’s tongue, such that one must wonder if even they are misled by their charades. The Seraph is henceforth immune to all spells and effects that compel the admission of truth, and may take 20 on any Bluff and Diplomacy check under the same conditions that a rogue with skill mastery could take 10.

Stilled Murmurs (Ex): The Seraph carries within them all the voices of those that they have slain, and may communicate through them with or without spoken word. When adopting the form of one of their victims through the Shattered Mirror ability, the Seraph’s ability to mimic their inflections perfectly increases the Disguise check bonus to +15, and these stolen voices may be further employed as a conduit for telepathic communication, within a range of 120 feet. Such communication requires only the presence of a sentient mind and the Seraph’s awareness, through whatever means, of the targeted creature.

Sibilant Echo (Su): The Seraph may instill the dust and air around them with their mind’s imperative, manifesting their will as a crooning vortex of charnel winds and panicked sighs. The being that emerges from this process is essentially an invisible stalker with the Seraph’s alignment and a number of extra hit dice equal to the Seraph’s charisma modifier. Its attacks benefit from the Screaming enhancement, unless the Seraph has silenced the creature.
It may condense itself and reduce its size to Small thereby, and as it is essentially just an animate construct of the Seraph’s will, the Seraph may see through its eyes as easily as they can through their own, as per the shared senses trait, and manipulate its form to sculpt its aural resonance, further obscuring its presence or affecting speech thereby. The latter ability functions as the Ghost Sound or Ventriloquism spells, depending on the sounds the Seraph intends to make, and Listening checks cannot detect the creature’s presence unless the Seraph has willed it to make noise.
The Seraph can communicate telepathically through the sibilant echo, but only within half the previous range. Should their creature be slain, the Seraph cannot reform it for a week.

Delusion’s Mire (Su): The Seraph’s illusions are imbued with the treachery and resilience of their own fevered imaginations, rebounding in dispersal to converge as new false imagery. In the event that a target successfully disbelieves the Seraph’s illusory enchantments, they must make another Will save on the following round to subdue the illusion’s resurgence at the same DC.
Furthermore, the Seraph may attempt another Will save a round following the dispelling of their illusions at the same DC. In both cases there is never more than a second chance.

Abilities: Dex+4, Int+6, Cha+4

Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Perform (Acting), and Read Lips become class skills for the Seraph, if they are not already.

Feats: The character automatically gains the following feats and abilities, regardless of prerequisites.
– Slippery Mind
– Spell Focus: Illusion (Greater Spell Focus: Illusion if the Seraph already has this feat)
– Trackless Step

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