Seraph of Murder

Seraph of Murder

“Seraph of Murder” is a template that can be added to any humanoid creature. A Seraph of Murder uses the character’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here. A Seraph of Murder only has its power at the will of Cyric; should the Prince of Lies decide to remove the Seraph’s status from the character, they revert to their normal abilities. A character of any class can be elevated to this status, but the most likely candidates are assassins, rogues, or strifeleaders. There can only be three Seraphs of Murder at any given time.

Alignment: Neutral Evil or Chaotic Evil

Special Qualities: A Seraph of Madness all special abilities of the character and gains the following.

Immunities: A Seraph of Murder is immune to aging (natural or accelerated), mind affecting, compulsion, poison, and death effects. The Seraph need not eat, sleep, or breathe so long as they have murdered or incited the murder of a sentient being within the last twenty-four hours.

Bonus Spells (Sp): At Will- Align Weapon, Chill Touch; Constant- Deathwatch, Spiderclimb; Three Times per day- Death Knell, Ghoul Touch, Keen Edge, Silence; Once per day- Enervation, Haste (self), Invisibility (Greater), Vampiric Touch

Dearly Departed (Su): The Seraph’s very presence becomes inimical to life, corrupting and diminishing it by proximity alone. Wounds inflicted by the Seraph cannot be healed naturally, impeding such abilities as Regenerate and Fast Heal, and the process of dying is grievously accelerated in their presence, making it impossible for any dying creatures within forty feet of Seraph to stabilize. 
Anyone wishing to cast a healing spell or otherwise invoke positive energy within twenty feet of the Seraph must succeed at a Concentration check (DC: the Seraph’s level + the Seraph’s charisma modifier) to preserve the effect’s essence and cohesion, failure indicating the useless dispersal of the ability. In regions desecrated or unhallowed in Cyric’s name, the Seraph’s lethal aura makes such spells and abilities impossible to employ. The Seraph can subdue their aura as a free action, but cannot control who it does/does not affect while it is active.
Those slain by the Seraph can only be brought back to life by True Resurrection or a Miracle.

Wrath of the One (Su): The Seraph channels the virulence of their lord’s favor into a chosen weapon, allowing it to cause wounds that bleed endlessly and resonate with the torment of infliction long after the attack has taken place. Henceforth the Seraph’s chosen weapon takes on the Wounding quality, and those who suffer its caress will be plagued by agony and insomnia (as per the Nightmare spell) while their wounds remain unhealed. 
The malign essence that pervades the Seraph’s weapon achieves its most devastating extremes against enemies of the faith, acting as a Bane enchantment against the followers of three other gods chosen by the Seraph.
These effects occur in addition to the chosen weapon’s existing traits, but cannot exceed the standard modified bonus maximum in doing so (consider the aforementioned effects to amount to a +5 bonus.)

Laughing Dirge (Su): Upon successfully employing the Death Knell spell or ability against a dying target, the air around the Seraph grows parched and abrasive, laden with the pungent aroma of old blood. The Seraph’s eyes become glazed and euphoric, contorted reflections of their victim shifting feverishly in their languid gaze.
Those within melee range of the Seraph must make a Fortitude save every round that the effects of the death knell persist (DC: the Seraph’s Level + the Seraph’s charisma modifier) to avoid becoming Sickened and Fatigued. The feeling of revulsion subsides after the aura has diminished or the target moves out of range, but the weariness remains. Should those in range fail their saving throws on three consecutive occasions, then their fatigue deepens into exhaustion.
Fellow Cyricists no more than twenty feet away from the Seraph during this time find their spirits lifted as if by a paladin’s Aura of Courage.

Tortured Reprise (Su): The Seraph can elect to stay a helpless or willing target’s execution and instead bind the victim’s essence to their own. The target is allowed a Fortitude save (DC: 10 + the Seraph’s level), although even in success they risk dying as though by massive damage (see DMG) as their life-force is disrupted over the course of their struggles. Should they fail, the target immediately suffers four points of constitution drain and two points of charisma drain, which cannot be regained until the link between them and the Seraph is severed (only possible through their or the Seraph’s death, or a Dispel Evil spell cast on Hallowed ground by a cleric who is at least as powerful as the Seraph.)
While their souls are entwined, the Seraph suffers only half damage from any attacks against them, the remaining half being transferred the creature at the other end of the link, and good or neutrally aligned foes are haunted by the lingering sense of the soul held hostage by the Seraph, suffering a -4 morale penalty on all attack rolls against them. The bound creature is wracked with blinding agony if they should ever attempt to harm or deceive the Seraph, forcing them to make a Will save at the aforementioned DC to successfully make an attempt to attack or mislead the one who holds the better half of their soul.
The Seraph has a sense of where the victim is at all times, is able to recognize them immediately in any form, and should the Seraph perish so will the target.

Vulture’s Eye (Ex): The Seraph gains the Opportunism ability, if they do not already possess it, and may apply their intelligence bonus to damage in place of strength. The Seraph may only use their intelligence bonus as a damage modifier against creatures that are not immune to critical hits.

Parting Gifts (Ex): The Seraph may retract a weapon into their flesh, as though they were wearing a Glove of Storing, and unleash it afterward at the speed of thought. If the Seraph starts combat by recalling their weapon and immediately attacking a nonhostile target, they may attempt a contested initiative roll. If the Seraph’s initiative is higher, they are afforded a free attack of opportunity against the target.
This ability can only be employed once over the course of any battle.

Abilities: Strength+2, Dex+6, Con +2, Int+4

Skills: Hide, Intimidate, and Move Silently become class skills for the Seraph, if they are not already.

Feats: The character automatically gains the following feats and abilities, regardless of prerequisites.

– Favored Enemy (Three rival faiths)
– Improved Critical
– Track

LA: +7

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