„Tender Hand of Chauntea“ is a template that can be added to any humanoid creature (hereby refered to as the „character“) A „Tender hand of Chauntea“ uses the character`s statistics and special abilities except as noted here. They are life loving servants of goddess dedicated to nurturing and tending to all living things. Should Chauntea ever decide to remove Chosen status from the character he reverts to his original abilities.

Special Qualities: A Tender Hand of Chauntea retains all special qualities of the character and also gains the following.

Bonus Spells (Sp): Constant – Endure Elements, Pass without Trace, Protection from Evil. At will – Speak with Animals/Plants, Detect Animal/Plants, Animal Messenger, Create Food and Water, Plant Growth. 5/day – Owl`s Wisdom, Lesser Restoration, Command Plants. 3/day – Commune with Nature, Protection from Energy, Reincarnate. 1/day – Liveoak, Stoneskin, Restoration.

Immunities (Ex): A Tender Hand of Chauntea is immune to aging, disease and poison effects. Any age penalties to strength,constitution and dexterity Tender Hand had prior to gaining this template are removed but the bonuses to wisdom, intelligence and charisma remain.

Chauntea`s Nurture (Sp): A Tender Hand is nurtured by Chauntea herself. He doesn`t need to eat, drink or sleep. He still needs to spend one hour praying/preparing for spells.

Toril`s Insight (Sp): Once per day Tender Hand can conect to the primordial creative forces of Toril to gain insight boost to his wisdom score. This increase is equal to half character`s HD number and lasts for number of minutes equal to one half his charisma bonus ( minimal 1 minute ). 

Power of Earthmother (Sp): Once per tenday a Tender Hand can summon an Elder Huge Earth Elemental. This ability works as Summon Nature`s Ally spell cast by a caster of character`s level.

Meal of The Grain Goddess (Sp): 

Wheat of Healing – Once per day a Tender Hand can provide a bowl of grain porridge which has the effect of the Heal spell upon recipient. It takes one minute to consume the porridge.

Loaf of Feasting – Once per tenday a Tender Hand can provide a loaf of bread that can be divided among the number of persons equal to characters HD number. It has the effect of Heroes` Feast spell except that it gives maximum number of temporary hit points and it takes one minute to consume it.

Apple of Restoration – Once per tenday a Tender Hand can provide a fruit (apple) that to the consumer bestows the effect of the Greater Restoration spell. This ability costs 250 xp. 

Nectar of Life – Once per month a Tender Hand can provide a container which contains few drops of nectar from flowers that grow in Chauntes`s own garden in House of Nature. When the nectar is spilled on the remains of a deceased creature it is brought back to life. This ability copies the effect of Ressurection spell and costs 2500 xp. Once per year this ability can be evoked without xp cost.

Saves: Same as character 

Abilities: Increase from the character as follows Wisdom +8 and Charisma +4

Skills: Same as character

Chalenge Rating: Same as the character +4

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