The Tokens Minigames

So, the giveaways where I give away free games is A failure. But there is something else I can work on instead. The tokens and activity system.

For those that do not know there is A system on the website that rewards individuals that are active upon the website. Visiting the website while logged in, posting comments, posting on the forums, responding to people and so on are all ways to earn tokens. Tokens can then be spent to roll on A table that will reward you with the ability to name organizations, businesses, temples, and so on within the world of M’Kal so you can make a permanent impact upon the game. Spending tokens to roll also gives you A chance to earn copper which will have higher influcing rewards. You can see more about Tokens here:

In addition to the tokens which are earned directly from activity, copper can be earned manually by interacting with the tokens table. In addition to copper there is silver, gold, and platinum. And this brings me to the point of this post. I am looking for some more input on what to include on various tables. I have a few ideas which I will list here, but I would like to hear what else you would like to see.

On the Token table the majority of the rewards were naming places and organizations. With the copper table I want to go back to those places and organizations to allow players to name the common NPCs there. Additionally this may include naming other NPCs that are not tied to specific organizations. Or determining the type of guards in A city.

On the silver table more prominent NPCs would be named. Examples would be the head priest(ess) of specific temples, goverment officials, leadership, and minor nobles. Additionally this tier may include naming local lesser population centers such as the towns and villages near the cities.

On the gold table I am thinking of the most upper NPCs such as local leaders such as the royal families. Local secret organizations and cults. Local historical events of moderate significance.

The platinum table of course will be the hardest table to roll on and let the player have the largest impact on the world. THis will include seeding current major NPCs in the game as well as villains. It will allow the player to seed histoical events that are of major impact to both local and world history. Historical major heroes, artifacts, families, and so on. As an added bonus those that hit a 20 on the platinum table will be rewarded with A free reroll in addition to getting a steam key for a game.

So, give me your input on what would make it more worth your while for you to take part in this.

Additionally, while I am on the subject I am thinking of using tokens to bribe people into writing stories and other things for me on this site. Perhaps fleshing out the nearly abandoned CYOA area by “paying” writers something like 1 token per 10 words?

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