Chapter 1: Distractions of Power

Jeremy Scone started life like most, being born to a humble family that worked in a tavern. The father worked as the bar back, moving casks of ale and pouring drinks, while his mother served them, but Jeremy, he was the entertainer. Told to sing and dance, the boy had little time to himself. Those few times he could slip away, he went into the local woods to enjoy the quiet. That is, until his tenth birthday. After turning 10, the trees began speaking to him. Telling him tales from their perspective, how quickly the town appeared, and how some of their numbers keep disappearing. At the same time, refusing to listen to him. His frustration at more things expecting of him and refusing to acknowledge what he wants to spark something inside him. A desire to control things around him, and make people acknowledge that what he wants matters.

Unfortunately, the backwater town offered limited ideas for implementation. Jeremy after a year left his home in search of how to accomplish his dream. Finding his way to Pumpkin Town, he learned that magic was possible through study, so long as the desire was strong enough. Speaking with the town’s alderman, Jeremy learned that while magic holds power, it has limitations. However, the slow meandering tales of trees continued to bother him, and as Jeremy left for a larger town to find a place of study arcane arts and he considered that magic may yet be mutable. Perhaps even…expanded beyond what was known. After all, if one could learn through study alone then surely spells were not constant and could be manipulated.

Earning his keep as errand boy and servant for a wizard was simple enough. Most paid so little attention to the world around them that when a servant quit it was weeks before they noticed their socks had not been washed. So having one walk up to their door and offer services if they may study under them was acceptable, so long as they were patient. Jeremy was not granted access to the wizard’s spellbook of course, for he would have to devise his own interpretation of the principals. This was the way of Keldar, for an apprentice by memorization was one who would accomplish nothing. It took months to even understand how to manifest a glow on an object, but when Jeremy finally did so he knew it was incomplete. Asking his mentor about twisting the spell, Keldar merely smiled his cryptic way and returned to his work. The smile told the boy all he needed to know, that Keldar thought he was crazy. Having seen the way the spell was assembled, and knowing Keldar would offer no help, Jeremy tried looking for how pieces fit together. After working for two weeks, the boy had discovered how to repair material goods. Seeing the benefit of the spell, he walked out on Keldar who rarely thinks twice about the boy.

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