LA 0 races

LA+0 Races
Anthropomorphic Animals
Anthropomorphic Bat: savage species pg.215
Anthropomorphic Lizard: savage species pg.215
Anthropomorphic Monkey: savage species pg.215
Anthropomorphic Rat: savage species pg.215
Anthropomorphic Raven: savage species pg.215
Anthropomorphic Toad: savage species pg.215
Anthropomorphic Weasel: savage species pg.215

Asherati: sandstorm pg.37
Buomman: planar handbook pg.08
Changeling: races of eberron pg.40
Daelkyr Half-Blood: magic of eberron pg.37
Darfellan: stormwrack pg.37
Dragonborn: races of the dragon pg.5
Duskling: magic of incarnum pg.10

Hill Dwarf: players handbook pg.14
Aquatic Dwarf: unearthed arcana pg.7
Arctic Dwarf: unearthed arcana pg.9
Badlands Dwarf:, sandstrom pg.42
Dark Dwarf: dragonlance campaign setting pg.14
Deep Dwarf:, monster manual pg.92
Desert Dwarf: unearthed arcana pg.11
Dream Dwarf: races of stone pg.88
Earth Dwarf:) unearthed arcana pg.16
Fireblood Dwarf: dragon magic pg.7
Glacier Dwarf: frostburn pg.34
Gold Dwarf: dungeon master’s guide pg.171
Gully Dwarf: dragonlance campaign setting pg.15
Jungle Dwarf: unearthed arcana pg.14
Korobokuru: oriental adventures pg.12
Lesser Duergar: player’s guide to faerun pg.190
Mountain Dwarf: monster manual pg.93
Shield Dwarf: forgotten realms pg.13
Seacliff Dwarf: stormwrack pg.44
Stonefire Dwarf: expanded psionic handbook pg.6
Wild Dwarf: races of faerun pg.23

Elan: expanded psionics handbook pg.09

High Elf: players handbook pg.15
Aquatic Elf: monster manual pg.103
Arctic Elf: unearthed arcana pg.9
Desert Elf: unearthed arcana pg.12
Fire Elf unearthed arcana pg.17
Forestlord Elf: dragon magic pg.8
Gray Elf: monster manual pg.104
Illaeli Elf: expanded psionic handbook pg.6
Jungle Elf: unearthed arcana pg.14
Kagonesti: dragonlance campaign setting pg.18
Lesser Drow: player’s guide to faerun pg.191
Moon Elf: forgotten realms pg.13
Qualinesti: dragonlance campaign setting pg.19
Painted Elf: sandstorm pg.42
Silvanesti: dragonlance campaign setting pg.20
Snow Elf: frostburn pg.34
Star Elf: unapproachable east pg.10
Sun Elf: forgotten realms pg.15
Wild Elf: monster manual pg.104
Wood Elf: monster manual pg.104

Faun: deities and demigods pg.133

Rock Gnome: players handbook pg.16
Air Gnome: unearthed arcana pg.16
Aquatic Gnome: unearthed arcana pg.7
Arctic Gnome: unearthed arcana pg.9
Desert Gnome: unearthed arcana pg.12
Forest Gnome: monster manual pg.132
Ice Gnome: frostburn pg.35
Jungle Gnome: unearthed arcana pg.14
Lesser Deep Gnome: player’s guide to faerun pg.191
Mad Gnome: dragonlance campaign setting pg.27
Stonehunter Gnome: dragon magic pg.9
Tinker Gnome: dragonlance campaign setting pg.27
Wavecrest Gnome: stormwrack pg.44
Whisper Gnome: races of stone pg.96

Goblin: monster manual pg.133
Air Goblin: unearthed arcana pg.16
Aquatic Goblin: unearthed arcana pg.7
Arctic Goblin: unearthed arcana pg.9
Bhuka: sandstrom pg.39
Desert Goblin: unearthed arcana pg.12
Jungle Goblin: unearthed arcana pg.12
Vril: drow of the underdark pg.126

Hadozee: stromwrack pg.41

Half-Elf: players handbook pg.18
Aquatic Half-Elf: stormwrack pg.45
Arctic Half-Elf: unearthed arcane pg.10
Desert Half-Elf: unearthed arcana pg.12
Deepwyrm Half-Drow: dragon magic pg.6
Fire Half-Elf: unearthed arcana pg.18
Forestlord Half-Elf: dragon magic pg.8
Half-Drow: races of faerun pg.62
Half-Human Elf: dungeon master’s guide pg.171
Jungle Half-Elf: unearthed arcana pg.14

Half-Orc: players handbook pg.18
Aquatic Half-Orc: unearthed arcana pg.8
Arctic Half-Orc: unearthed arcana pg.8
Desert Half-Orc: unearthed arcana pg.12
Frostblood Half-Orc: dragon magic pg.10
Jungle Half-Orc: unearthed arcana pg.15
Scablands Half-Orc: sanstorm pg.43
Water Half-Orc: unearthed arcana pg.18

Lightfoot Halfling: players handbook pg.20
Aquatic Halfling: unearthed arcana pg.8
Arctic Halfling: unearthed arcana pg.10
Deep Halfling: monster manual pg.150
Desert Halfling: unearthed arcana pg.12
Ghostwise Halfling: forgotten realms pg.17
Glimmerskin Halfling: dragon magic pg.9
Jerren: book of vile darkness pg.13
Jungle Halfling: unearthed arcana pg.15
Shoal Halfling: stormwrack pg.45
Strongheart Halfling: forgotten realms pg.18
Tallfellow Halfling: monster manual pg.149
Tundra Halfling: frostburn pg.36
Water Halfling: unearthed arcana pg.18

Hellbred Fiendish Codex II pg.78
Hengeyokai: oriental adventures pg.10

Human: players handbook pg.12
Aventi: stormwrack pg.34
Azurin: magic of incarnum pg.7
Deep Imaskari: underdark pg.9
Extaminar: champions of ruin pg.14
Illumian: races of destiny pg.53
Mongrelfolk: races of destiny pg.98
Neanderthal: frostburn pg.36
Sea Kin: races of destiny pg.100
Silverbrow Human: dragon magic pg.6
Underfolk: races of destiny pg.108
Varsharan: book of vile darkness pg.12

Jermlaine: monster manual 2 pg.131

Kalashtar: races of erberron pg.55

Kender: dragonlance campaign setting pg.28

Kenku: monster manual 3 pg.86

Killoren: races of the wild pg.102

Kobold: monter manual pg.161 and Races of the Dragon pg. 39
Aquatic Kobold: unearthed arcana pg.8
Arctic Kobold: unearthed arcana pg.8
Desert Kobold: unearthed arcana pg.13
Earth Kobold: unearthed arcana pg.17
Jungle Kobold: unearthed arcana pg.13

Krinth: champions of ruin pg.36

Krynn Minotaur: dragonlance campaign setting pg.42
Lupin: dragon compendium volume one pg.21
Maenad: expanded psionics handbook pg.13
Muckdweller: monstrous , serpent kingdoms pg.71
Neraphim: planar handbook pg.12
Nezumi: oriental adventures pg.13

Orc: monster manual pg.203
Aquatic Orc: unearthed arcana pg.10
Arctic Orc: unearthed arcana pg.10
Desert Orc: unearthed arcana pg.13
Frostblood Orc: dragon magic pg.10
Jungle Orc: unearthed arcana pg.15
Water Orc: unearthed arcana pg.18

Lesser Aasimar player’s guide to faerun pg.191
Lesser Air Genasi player’s guide to faerun pg.191
Lesser Earth Genasi player’s guide to faerun pg.191
Lesser Fire Genasi player’s guide to faerun pg.191
Lesser Water Genasi player’s guide to faerun pg.191
Lesser Tiefling player’s guide to faerun pg.191

Raptoran: races of the wild pg.66
Rilkan: magic of incarnum pg.12
Shifter: races of eberrron pg.25
Skarns: magic of incarnum pg.15
Spellscale: races of the dragon pg.21
Spiker: planar handbook pg.14
Spirit Folk: oriental adventures pg.14
Synad: Complete Psionic pg. 140
Tibbit: dragon compendium volume one pg.25
Vanara: oriental adventures pg.15
Warforged: races of eberron pg.07
Warforged Scout: monster manual 3 pg.193
Xeph: expanded psionic handbook pg.15

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