LA +1 Races

LA +1 Races (ECL = class levels +1), prepared by Camber

Aasimar MM p.209, PH p.6, RoF p.112, RoD p.92
Bariaur BoED p.165, PH p.7
Bladeling MM2 p.31, PGtF p.144
Blue (goblin) EPH aka XPH p.189
Catfolk RotW p.92
Chaond MM2 p.170
Dargonesti (Sea Elf) DCS p.22
Diabolus Dragon Compendium p.6
Dimernesti (Sea Elf) DCS p.22
Diopsid Dragon Compendium p.10
Dromite EPH aka XPH p.6
Duergar MM p.92
Dvati Dragon Compendium p.14
Dwarf, Frost PH p.113
Empty Vessel ECS p.291
Eneko SoS p.109
Feytouched FF p.71
Genesai, Air RoF p.114
Genesai, Earth RoF p.116
Genesai, Fire RoF p.121
Genesai, Water RoF p.127
Gnome, Chaos RoS p.86
Goblin, Forestkith MM3 p.64
Goblin, Snow Fr p.136
Goliath RoS p.53
Half-giant EPH aka XPH p.12
Half-ogre, Krynn DCS p.41
Hobgoblin MM p.153
Hobgoblin, Fire UA p.17
Hobgoblin, Sunscorch DM p.9
Jaebrin MM5 p.93
Lizardfolk, Poison Dusk MM3 p.96
Maeluth FF p.136
Mechanatrix FF p.137
Mephling, Air PH p.10
Mephling, Earth PH p.10
Mephling, Fire PH p.10
Mephling, Water PH p.10
Merfolk MM p.185
Orc, Gray RoF p.65
Shadowswyft PH p.13
Sharakim RoD p.102
Shyft FF p.138
Tiefling MM p.209
Uldra Fr p.158
Wildren PH p.16
Wispling FF p.139
Zenythri MM2 p.171

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