LA +2 Races

Format: Race Book (Edition#) Page #
Adu’ja (e317) p22
Armand MM3 p10
Cucian SAND p144
Centaur MM1/ROTW p32/p95
Chitine UND p7
Dragonkin DEN p151
Domovi FROST p122
Elf, Dark (Drow) MM1/UND p103/p10
Elf, Umbragen DMAG (e330) p45
Flind MM3 p62
Grimlock MM/UND p140/p13
Gloamling UND p12
Half-Ogre ROD p97
Lumi MM3 p98
Minotaur MM p189
Nycter MM3 p112
Ogre MM p198
Slyth UND p17
Satyr MM p219
Troglodyte MM p246
Varag MM4 p168
Windrazor MM4 p179
Worghest DMAG (e350) p56
Yuan-Ti Pureblood MM p262

Book Appendix
MM#=Monster Manual
DMAG=Dragon Magazine
ROTW=Races of the Wild
ROD=Races of Destiny

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