Rings of Companionship

Rings of Companionship

I cannot remember the source for these rings. They may not even be D&D 3.5e. Might be from Pathfinder. But they have been thrown up quite a bit this past week so I have been thinking of them a lot, and have some interesting thoughts I want to share.

First off, what are Rings of Companionship?
Rings of Companionship are a pair of rings that are created at the same time. THey can’t be created separately. They have a base value of 2,000 gold, and provide +2AC to the wearer. I can’t find the source for this so I don’t know if the AC bonus is deflection, enhancement, dodge, or moral. At the moment I think moral makes mose sense, given the nature of the items.

The Rings of Companionship are items that are quite rare. In fact they seem to lend themselves to the idea of being creature for husband-wife adventuring duos. The reason being is that the ring’s use is binding. Like a vow, or contract. The pair of rings that are created together are forever connected. So when two people put on those two rings, they are now bound from the point of view of the rings. Those two people will forever get that +2 AC bonus as long as both are alive, on the same plane, and wearing their respective rings. Person A and person B are now attuned to the rings. If Person B dies, person A loses the benefit and can never gain it again from this set of rings. Even if a Person C comes along and puts on the other ring. By the same reasoning that person B can’t just take their ring off and hand it over to person C. This is why they are so rare. Casual adventurers, or those without some significant commitment to each other would not want to invest in a magic item that may go to waste if someone else finds a ring that suits their personal interests better. Or worse, someone dies and takes with them one of your great magic items.

But that’s not all that interesting is it? Sure you get to save a bit of money by buying “one” magic item that benefits two people. So at early levels that +2 AC can be quite useful. But it’s soon outpaced by more practical items that have fewer drawbacks. Until you consider a little bit more. Why not add more magic to it? It’s already treated at a single magic item and any magic is applied to both wearers. So what about adding 5 points of cold resistance to it, so two people can adventure in the tundras and arctic areas? Enchanting it to have a slot of spell storing? Of course that means if either person casts the spell from the stored slot then it’s gone for both.

Of course, any effort to improve the ring would require both to be in the same place. One can’t have their wife off kicking ass on an adventure and expect her husband to sit at home constantly beefing up the ring more and more for her.

While I wish I could find the source for these, I am ruling that they exist either way. I am however leaving it open for DMs to apply their own rules on their generation. Perhaps it requires TWO people to make them. Perhaps it requires a fake feat a player can’t get. Or a rare material. If the DMs don’t want their players to be able to make them, that’s their business. But NPCs someplace can produce them. They do exist. They can be upgraded. And while they are lost to person A if person B ddies, the item is still magical and can be used by the next couple.

These items are OP. I do expect some people to complain about this. They are also a serious risk, and yet great roleplaying tools. So if there is someone in your game you are willing to make a permanent bond of loyalty to, and you are willing to invest resources into that bond, consider a set of these rings.

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  1. Sanctus says:

    I think they’re charming. And I’m in favor of the bonus to AC being morale.

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