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So, one of our players took a flaw from dandwiki that was more debilitating than flaw rules says it should be. So they wanted to change their flaw. I agreed, but they had to ‘pay’ for it by coming up with a list of 10 flaws we could put here for inspiration to others. These flaws have not been approved by any DMs at this time so don’t take this as any sort of official homebrew for M’Kal. Take this as a spark to help you creatively come up with your own.



When you hit, you often do not hit as hard as you otherwise would, resulting in less damage.


You deal -2 damage with all attacks.


You cannot speak. As a result, people find you less threatening and harder to take you seriously.


You take -4 to Intimidate and Bluff checks.


You cannot see.


You are permanently under the Blinded condition.


You cannot hear anything.


You are permanently under the Deafened condition.


Even on your best days, you are tired.


You are permanently under the Fatigued condition.

Slow to Start

In combat, you are like the sloth. Slow to respond and you often get punished for it.


You always suffer from the Flat-Footed condition the first round of combat. This affect wears off on your second turn. You also suffer from a -2 to initiative checks.


You tend to be less brave than most and take whatever measures necessary to avoid combat.


You are permanently under the Frightened condition in combat. Outside of combat, you are otherwise normal.


You love to fight perhaps a little too much, to the point you don’t know when you’re in over your head.


You will not pass up the chance to get into a fight and are constantly in Heartened morale. Take a -4 to Diplomacy and you get a +10 bonus on all morale checks. If you ever fail a morale check, you drop immediately to Crazed (Berserk) status. You also will never run from battle; you would rather die than run.


You are easily distracted. As a result, your focus wavers inevitably.


You take a -1 penalty to all skill checks, attack rolls, initiative, and armor class. You also cannot take 10 on any skill checks.


You are an insufferable prick who thinks anyone different is trash.


Take -4 to all Charisma-based checks with anyone who falls into the category you discriminate against. You decide the way you disciminate against others from the following list:

Origin – Where the person originates from

Heritage – Their family history

Classist – Whether they are noble or commoner

Profession – Whether their work is respectable or not

Creed – If they have class levels, whether you approve of their chosen class or not

Gender – You hate everyone of the opposite gender. And anyone who relates to them.

Race – Are they your race? Then you’re fine with them. If not, screw them.

Age – You are prejudiced against people in a different age group from yourself

FUBAR – You just hate everyone. Your mother must be proud.

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