Path to the Divine

For those planning to bring their characters far enough to become divine beings, to become deities, you may wish to know of this.

Rank 0: Quasi-Diety

Typically the results of having one deity parent and one mortal parent

Levels are as PC

Will have an extra +10 in 1-3 stats depending up their parent diety

May have other supernatural abilities based on what or who their parent deity is.

Creatures of this rank are sometimes called quasi-deities or hero deities. Creatures that have a mortal and a deity as parents also fall into this category. These entities cannot grant spells, but are immortal and usually have one or more ability scores that are far above the norm for their species. They may have some worshipers. Ordinary mortals do not have a divine rank of 0. They lack a divine rank altogether.

Rank 0-1: Petitioner

Level 40

Must control 1 domain

May have 1 chosen

Chose Template is +1 max by Savage Species rules

Rank 1-5: Demigods

Level 50

Must control 2 domains

May have 1 chosen

Chosen template is +2 by Savage Species Rules

These entities, called demigods, are the weakest of the deities. A demigod can grant spells and perform a few deeds that are beyond mortal limits. A demigod has anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand devoted mortal worshipers and may receive veneration or respect from many more. A demigod controls a small godly realm (usually on an Outer Plane) and has minor control over a portfolio that includes one or more aspects of mortal existence. A demigod might be very accomplished in a single skill or a group of related skills, gain combat advantages in special circumstances, or be able to bring about minor changes in reality itself related to the portfolio.

Rankl 6-10: Lesser Deities

Level 60

Must control 3 domains

May have 2 Chosen

Chosen Template is +3

Called lesser deities, these entities grant spells and can perform more powerful deeds than demigods can. Lesser deities have anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands of worshipers and control larger godly realms than demigods. They also have keener senses where their portfolios are concerned.

Rank 11-15: Intermediate Deities

Level 70

Must control 4 Domains

May have 5 Chosen

Chosen Template is +5

These entities are called intermediate deities. They have hundreds of thousands of mortal worshipers and control larger godly realms than demigods or lesser deities.

Rank 16-20: Greater Deities

Level 80

Must control 5 domains

May have 10 chosen

Chosen Template is +7

Called greater deities, these entities may have millions of mortal worshipers, and they command respect even among other deities. The most powerful of greater deities rule over other deities just as mortal sovereigns rule over commoners.

Rank 21+: Overdeities

These entities are beyond the ken of mortals and care nothing for worshipers. They do not grant spells, do not answer prayers, and do not respond to queries. If they are known at all, it is to a handful of scholars on the Material Plane. They are called overdeities. In some pantheistic systems, the consent of an overdeity is required to become a god.

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