Re-invasion of board game pieces

Re-invasion of……board game pieces?

Outside of each and every one of the 50 cities in M’Kal there is a battle taking place between, of all things, Chess Pieces. There are nine teams of these chess pieces. Each team is a complete set to begin with.

These creatures are, by their own claims, the original owners of the cities on this continent, having left several thousand years ago, well before the first explorers arrived. Their entire race have been traveling other planes for the last few millennia, and are now returning to reclaim what is theirs.

These creatures will attempt to capture people on the roads near the cities for interrogation. Those that do not put up a fight are simply captured, questioned, and released. Those that put up a significant fight will be struck down.

There are 9 groups, in 9 different colors. Colors correspond with their alignment. Each and every one of these creatures has a permanent ability to see the alignment of any creature they look at. Anybody masked against such things as see alignment or detect alignment will appear as True Neutral to them. When they look upon another creature they will see that creature as being colored according to the same alignment rules they are colored by.

Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good White Yellow Pink
Neutral Brown Green blue
Evil Purple Red Black

These creatures believe in absolutes. Those that are of a different alignment are enemies. Those that are of the same alignment are allies. No amount of mundane conversation will change their opinion on this.

For DMs, these creatures can be found in Dragon Magazine 358. More information will be released about these creatures in the near future. If your party attempts to capture/question one of these creatures before then, render them unconscious until I can put the information in your hands.

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